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youngskeletor avatar 12:16 PM on 11.09.2012  (server time)
The New Playstation Store: Not So Hot

Dear Sony,

I'm sorry, but the new store is absolutely terrible. I don't know if you're trying to capture the "Attention Deficit" crowd, but it feels that way. It's like you tamped the old store down into a cannon and shot it at a nightclub.

The largest issue is that there is SO MUCH superfluous content littering the screen at any given time, some without any clear correlation to what you're actually looking for. Browsing the store now feels like digging through a change jar, sans copper smelling fingers.

As for the search function, I didn't think you guys could make the text entry any worse, but DAT SEARCH FUNCTION!... GAHHH!! Seriously, please go back to the keypad.


There are other issues, such as the lack of clarity for items like Rockband songs that only have the song title and no band name. You now have to click in and back out for each individual item just to find out precisely what it is.

The "Hot" and "Featured" tabs have roughly the same content, aside from the movie trailers that show up under the "Hot ps3" tab... inside the "game tab"... under the "featured" tab... etc.

So, that's really the brunt of my problem. There's no need for 5 different access points to a singular item, especially when some of the access points are what equates to an in-store standee. It's redundant and personally, I feel it gives the impression that you're hoping people are going to "stumble" onto something like a stick of gum or a Hollywood gossip rag in the check-out line.

It's like, "Buying a set of wrenches? Well, here's some hand soap for after your finished using them... and here's a movie you can watch after you get cleaned up... popcorn goes great with an action flick and these pants have excellent stain resistance in case you wipe your buttery hands on them... although, you could probably use that hand soap...".

So yeah, to sum it up in one word; SUPERFLUOUS!

I'm only telling you this because.. I love you. ♥

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