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youngskeletor avatar 3:42 PM on 05.18.2010  (server time)
iPod fingerpainting

... that's right, there's an app for that.

I can't remember the last time I did something productive on a lunch break at work. Honestly, most of my time is spent trying my best to tune out the moronic small talk, venting, and blatantly lying to people you'll see outside of work that goes on during a typical lunch.

Anyway, I found an app called "sketchbook mobile". I painted this during my hour lunch using the airbrush tool and multi-layer function.

One thing I will say is as much as I like the fingerpainting feel I get from using it, I'd LOVE to have a stylus... especially when trying to make long straight lines that don't get all "richter scale" with slower strokes. Aside from that, it's functions are quite useful once you get the whole separate layers thing down. The interface for opacity and brush size is directly in the middle of the brush wheel, making it easy to adjust the specs of the brush on the fly. Depending on what your using it on, whether it be pad, pod, or phone; the amount of layers you can use differs. Only the newest gens are able to use 6 layers. Everyone else with the old news iPod/Phone will be somewhat limited to 3. Even with this restriction you can save any progress as separate layers or merge upon completion. You can also avoid a costly mistake by saving variations using the "save as copy" option. One of the paid version's biggest perks is that the brushes can be edited with limited gestures as well.

so does anyone else use this program, and if so can offer any tips?

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