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youngskeletor avatar 4:47 PM on 03.29.2010  (server time)

Anyway, if there's one thing I can't swallow it's these two tired, broken record statements; "it was just more of the same", and "it didn't feel like the first time". I've seen them time and time again and they are as monotonous as they are trite.

basically, these two opinions; one from deep within america's "throwaway culture", and one rooted in dinosaur nostalgia, are both moot.

If you honestly feel that bioshock 2 was "more of the same", then you obviously share no love for Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or any porcelain-pedestal series of nerd sanctity. What are episodes 1 through 6 but "more of the same"? I mean, there are different adversaries, challenges, set pieces, and periods of time... but it takes place in the same universe with the same main characters. In the case of an IP like bioshock, what I feel most people don't understand is that rapture is the main character, or simply put...


Everything about the game that's great comes from it's setting. The nautical retro decor, the big daddy, the ADAM delimma, protagonists, and the ideals within the antagonist's mind and eventually yours as well. the reason the game can drag you through these choices and thought processes is because it is set apart from the rest of the world. there is no god. no government. nothing but rapture. rapture is the only thing separating you from a crushing death at the hands of ocean, and yet, nothing can protect you from rapture... at times not even yourself.


If they were going to set Bioshock 2 in a completely new setting where would you have it set? in an aquarium? in los angeles? hell, take the big daddies out of the suit so we can see who's behind the helmet... just some guy with a lobotomy scar. If it were anywhere else, it would simply "look" like Bioshock. If you threw Spock in the middle of the battle for hoth, would it then be considered Star Trek or would it remain Star Wars? the headlines would undoubtedly read "SHOCKING! SPOCK CAMEO IN THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK!"

I'm getting off track, but the point is that everything is more of the same. everything around you in one shape or another... the upside is that it's always progressive. "More of the same" is redundant and it makes it seem as if you put the wrong disk in your console.

Now as for the whole, "it doesn't feel the same" argument, what on earth have you ever experienced that has been repetitiously satisfactory? nothing will ever be like it was, but is that any reason to throw it away or discount it? Of course it doesn't feel the same, because it's different... prick. I really am more upset with this one because frankly, I hate dinosaurs. I do. People that go on endlessly about the way it used to be, and how "their first album was so much better". I have to hear it all fucking time and it kills me. This POV makes you look like a snobby prick.

I've made too many Star Wars references in this already but honestly, what could be better than having seen the original trilogy? The books for one thing. then there's the graphic novels, the cartoon series the games, and of course episodes one two and three. and what makes these things so great? They all take place in the Star Wars universe, that's why, and some of the most exciting adventures ever to take place in fictional history took place in that universe. the escape of Kyp Durron, Han Solo and Chewbacca from the maw installation in the Suncrusher. The Courtship of Princess Leia. When Asajj Ventress cut off Anakin's Hand. I could go on forever... but what i'm getting at is this...


the only thing better than Bioshock is in fact MOAR BIOSHOCK.

this throw away culture makes me sick, but I digress...


deal with it.

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