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Favorite Stuff.

Just off the top of my head, I'd have to say that Kelly Jones is my favorite comic book artist. I admire that while a lot of the positioning and bravado posing he used for batman was a little over the top, the attributes he embellished made the dark knight seem all the more surreal and supernatural... and criminals are a cowardly, superstitious lot. Next to him, Alex Ross and Dave McKean for their respective unique styles and medium defining publications... and how can I forget good ol' Ben Templesmith. How I love curly vampire tongues...

My favorite bands again, off the top of my head, would be Kylesa, Joy Division, The Cramps, and Cough. Bands that exude a quality completely of their own design while also standing on the shoulders of giants. Do you know where the horizon unfolds? Where new dawn fades? What lies behind the green door?... and I can't come up with an elusive quote/nod at cough but I assure you that if you like the idea of a recording of nirvana playing black sabbath covers played at half speed in hell, you'll like cough.

Oh yeah, and Neurosis. All hail Neurosis, for without their work, there would be no Baroness. I could go on forever about music, but I digress...

My favorite television shows almost unanimously reside on Adult Swim. I find a milkshake, a box of fries, a meatball, and a decadent sexually depraved Jersey man more realistically sound than a bunch of sad bar-hopping gel headed fucks who whore themselves out to the MTV machine. I lived in Alabama for 2 years, and can testify that Squidbillies is a reality. Venture Brothers is the best show ever. Alas, I feel none of the current shows would be where they are were it not for the likes of Harvey Birdman... RIP. Screw you for leaving Steven Colbert.

As of right now my favorite games are as follows. Earthbound. Demon's Souls. Bioshock. Zelda: A link to the Past, Deadspace, Fallout 3, Super Mario 3, and Tales of Phantasia... but I play "blops" 7/10 of the time i'm playing video games out of sheer masochism.

I don't give a shit about politics or religion because they are both gears among many others within a huge life extinguishing machine used for control, oppression, and theft. I'm far too small and anonymous to ever be more than a fly on the windshield of the self-destructive freight train of man. instead of bracing my footing to await the great wave of inevitable doom to wash over us all, I'll just kick back and read comics and play guitar until it ends.

Right now I'm re-reading my 30 Days of Night collection. Please excuse me while I get back to that.
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Dear Sony,

I'm sorry, but the new store is absolutely terrible. I don't know if you're trying to capture the "Attention Deficit" crowd, but it feels that way. It's like you tamped the old store down into a cannon and shot it at a nightclub.

The largest issue is that there is SO MUCH superfluous content littering the screen at any given time, some without any clear correlation to what you're actually looking for. Browsing the store now feels like digging through a change jar, sans copper smelling fingers.

As for the search function, I didn't think you guys could make the text entry any worse, but DAT SEARCH FUNCTION!... GAHHH!! Seriously, please go back to the keypad.


There are other issues, such as the lack of clarity for items like Rockband songs that only have the song title and no band name. You now have to click in and back out for each individual item just to find out precisely what it is.

The "Hot" and "Featured" tabs have roughly the same content, aside from the movie trailers that show up under the "Hot ps3" tab... inside the "game tab"... under the "featured" tab... etc.

So, that's really the brunt of my problem. There's no need for 5 different access points to a singular item, especially when some of the access points are what equates to an in-store standee. It's redundant and personally, I feel it gives the impression that you're hoping people are going to "stumble" onto something like a stick of gum or a Hollywood gossip rag in the check-out line.

It's like, "Buying a set of wrenches? Well, here's some hand soap for after your finished using them... and here's a movie you can watch after you get cleaned up... popcorn goes great with an action flick and these pants have excellent stain resistance in case you wipe your buttery hands on them... although, you could probably use that hand soap...".

So yeah, to sum it up in one word; SUPERFLUOUS!

I'm only telling you this because.. I love you. ♥

12:47 PM on 08.24.2010

What about your driveling, futile, mute existence makes you feel justified in ripping off a company that's offered most of us COUNTLESS hours of distraction from the everyday grey minutia that encircles us perpetually?

Let me dial it back a bit.

Seriously, what the hell guys?

I have so many memories attached to the Playstation console. Taking down my first of the 16 colossi. The day I found that you could avoid enemy detection with a cardboard box. Inadvertently being introduced to Alice in Chains at an early age by using my cousin's copy of "Dirt" to create a Wing Worm in Monster Rancher. Finally defeating the Ultimate Weapon with a complete stroke of luck and a limit break. Realizing that $70 was money well spent for a copy of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 the first time I filled completely filled my gauge and jammed on the four shoulder buttons repeatedly, successfully ruining the Hulk's shit in one fell swoop. My best friend and I beating Gauntlet Legends over and over... and this was before such a thing as "trophies" existed in the virtual world.

The list could go on, but what's important is that I know I'm not alone in these memories. Everyone on this site has stories similar to these if not better.

Now for the fun stuff...

I've clipped some excuses from the comments on the topic of piracy, and I'd like to take this time to answer said excuse with a response.

- "This wouldn't have happened if they'd let us keep otherOS"

... and we would have been able to keep otherOS if that stupid little arrogant shit hadn't blagged (blog+brag "palin style") about how he was going to "crack the PS3LOLOLOLOL" using it.

People always cite this reason because it's a knee-jerk reaction. The problem is that fault is never personal, and ultimately this is a narrow POV because while you may say it's cause and effect, you could give two shits about the effect that you'll inevitably cause. You're being selfish and destructive.

- "I don't want to pirate, I just don't have enough HDMI ports."

SURPRISE! it's called an HDMI switch box, and it costs less than an HDMI cable.

- "I paid for my PS3 so I should be able to use it however I like."

Sure, as long as you didn't accept your end of the user agreement. You know, all of those big litigious words you couldn't be bothered to read because you need to finish your cheeseburger and have more kids? Yeah, that agreement. This excuse always pisses me off. Any half-wit dumb shit moron can use this logic and it's a testament to the low average IQ our society tries so feverishly to distract you from with videos of Miley Cyrus doing coke.. How about this? I bought this really big knife, so I should be allowed eviscerate you with it while you're trying to get into your car before leaving for work tomorrow morning, right? I mean, I paid for it, so I should be able to use it however I want.

- "I just want to be able to play all the old games I already paid for"

Sorry, but there's a good chance your parents paid for them, not you. In fact, if you're old enough to have "purchased" enough SNES games to warrant the download of a zipfile entitled "EVERYSNESGAMEV1.3" then there's an even better chance you still live with your mom and dad, and they STILL pay for your games.

- "I don't want to pay for a game if it sucks"

Then don't buy them. It's called gamefly scrub. It could even be argued that if everyone who stole games over the last few years had bought them, the medium would be more appealing to the people holding the cash, and they might actually put more resources into development, theoretically creating a better selection of quality games. good games need all the support they can get in order to be fruitful and multiply.

- "Most people just hack for the challenge"

... and some people eat simply because their father made them feel inadequate as a child. Some do, but most don't. Seriously, if you've got a mind for this kind of thing, GET A DEGREE AND DO IT FOR A LIVING. Hell, with the amount of talent it takes to build homebrew games, crack apps, build a media browser interface... well, you could GET A DAMN JOB DOING JUST THAT! Where did the 360 get it's "blade" interface? why do iDevices have half of the shit they do? because someone who hacked their device toiled over it to no avail. the end result is no more inspiring than the guy who talks about some fossilized music scene, and how he was there, man... he wrote the book on it!


point blank - If you don't pay for the games you love, then eventually there will be no more "games you love".

3:42 PM on 05.18.2010

... that's right, there's an app for that.

I can't remember the last time I did something productive on a lunch break at work. Honestly, most of my time is spent trying my best to tune out the moronic small talk, venting, and blatantly lying to people you'll see outside of work that goes on during a typical lunch.

Anyway, I found an app called "sketchbook mobile". I painted this during my hour lunch using the airbrush tool and multi-layer function.

One thing I will say is as much as I like the fingerpainting feel I get from using it, I'd LOVE to have a stylus... especially when trying to make long straight lines that don't get all "richter scale" with slower strokes. Aside from that, it's functions are quite useful once you get the whole separate layers thing down. The interface for opacity and brush size is directly in the middle of the brush wheel, making it easy to adjust the specs of the brush on the fly. Depending on what your using it on, whether it be pad, pod, or phone; the amount of layers you can use differs. Only the newest gens are able to use 6 layers. Everyone else with the old news iPod/Phone will be somewhat limited to 3. Even with this restriction you can save any progress as separate layers or merge upon completion. You can also avoid a costly mistake by saving variations using the "save as copy" option. One of the paid version's biggest perks is that the brushes can be edited with limited gestures as well.

so does anyone else use this program, and if so can offer any tips?

4:47 PM on 03.29.2010

Anyway, if there's one thing I can't swallow it's these two tired, broken record statements; "it was just more of the same", and "it didn't feel like the first time". I've seen them time and time again and they are as monotonous as they are trite.

basically, these two opinions; one from deep within america's "throwaway culture", and one rooted in dinosaur nostalgia, are both moot.

If you honestly feel that bioshock 2 was "more of the same", then you obviously share no love for Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or any porcelain-pedestal series of nerd sanctity. What are episodes 1 through 6 but "more of the same"? I mean, there are different adversaries, challenges, set pieces, and periods of time... but it takes place in the same universe with the same main characters. In the case of an IP like bioshock, what I feel most people don't understand is that rapture is the main character, or simply put...


Everything about the game that's great comes from it's setting. The nautical retro decor, the big daddy, the ADAM delimma, protagonists, and the ideals within the antagonist's mind and eventually yours as well. the reason the game can drag you through these choices and thought processes is because it is set apart from the rest of the world. there is no god. no government. nothing but rapture. rapture is the only thing separating you from a crushing death at the hands of ocean, and yet, nothing can protect you from rapture... at times not even yourself.


If they were going to set Bioshock 2 in a completely new setting where would you have it set? in an aquarium? in los angeles? hell, take the big daddies out of the suit so we can see who's behind the helmet... just some guy with a lobotomy scar. If it were anywhere else, it would simply "look" like Bioshock. If you threw Spock in the middle of the battle for hoth, would it then be considered Star Trek or would it remain Star Wars? the headlines would undoubtedly read "SHOCKING! SPOCK CAMEO IN THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK!"

I'm getting off track, but the point is that everything is more of the same. everything around you in one shape or another... the upside is that it's always progressive. "More of the same" is redundant and it makes it seem as if you put the wrong disk in your console.

Now as for the whole, "it doesn't feel the same" argument, what on earth have you ever experienced that has been repetitiously satisfactory? nothing will ever be like it was, but is that any reason to throw it away or discount it? Of course it doesn't feel the same, because it's different... prick. I really am more upset with this one because frankly, I hate dinosaurs. I do. People that go on endlessly about the way it used to be, and how "their first album was so much better". I have to hear it all fucking time and it kills me. This POV makes you look like a snobby prick.

I've made too many Star Wars references in this already but honestly, what could be better than having seen the original trilogy? The books for one thing. then there's the graphic novels, the cartoon series the games, and of course episodes one two and three. and what makes these things so great? They all take place in the Star Wars universe, that's why, and some of the most exciting adventures ever to take place in fictional history took place in that universe. the escape of Kyp Durron, Han Solo and Chewbacca from the maw installation in the Suncrusher. The Courtship of Princess Leia. When Asajj Ventress cut off Anakin's Hand. I could go on forever... but what i'm getting at is this...


the only thing better than Bioshock is in fact MOAR BIOSHOCK.

this throw away culture makes me sick, but I digress...


deal with it.