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I'm an amatuer sociologist. What that means is that I study groups of people, learn their ways, their customs, and their traditions. I then use this information to make fun of them.

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Last night I posted a blog introducing my Let's Play series of Hitman: Blood Money. The advice I was given was to be funnier than the cutscenes, more entertaining, and to make the videos shorter... a maximum of five minutes long. I took it to heart and decided I really should work on it. So now I give you the shortened entertainment remix of my LP.

The original version can be found here:

If you aren't sure what a "Let's Play" is I'll explain. Basically you'll watch the video of me playing a fucking video game and talking. It's entertainment for those people who are lonely and craving human contact.

In this LP I'm doing Hitman: Blood Money, which is one of my favorite games of all time. Not only am I playing it, but I'm doing it on professional difficulty (which is the hardest setting) and getting Silent Assassin rank on every level, all accidents too.

If you're interested take a look, you can find the rest of them on my YouTube page. Lemme know what you think.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has captured my interest like no game has in a long time. My previous blog post was all about playing Recon and how great it was, so on and so forth. Well apparently I wasn't satisfied with gushing over this game in just text... so I got myself a Dazzle (a nifty thing you can use to capture console footage to your PC) and decided to throw together a montage of me playing BC2 for just over 8 minutes.

To be honest, if you're not a BC2 player you probably won't know what's going on in this video. If you are a BC2 player, shhhh, don't tell anyone when you notice me noob things up in the video.

--- It's been over a year since my last blog. Wish my return was something... better, but hell, this is what I have to say right now. ---

Everyone hates Recon or “snipers” in every game. I felt the same way when I first started playing Bad Company 2, then I tried it. The reasons why people don’t like it are discussed at length and on a whole I tend to agree. Yet for some reason I just can’t help but select Recon when I start the match. I decided to talk a little bit about what makes Recon/sniper so much fun for me.

I enjoy moving through cover so I can get line of sight on a tank that’s locking down an area and feeling the suspense as I see my mortar strike lock in and watch as death rains from above. +30, +50, +50, +100. The post-destruction bliss, seeing those blue triangles advance through the map towards our objective, is for me, like a cigarette after sex.

Hearing one of my squad members complain about a sniper, positioning myself to get a view, spotting and removing the threat so my team can take position. The whole time knowing that most likely for the rest of the match that “sniper” is going to be looking for me and not taking out my run and gun partners.
The satisfaction of seeing a high value target running across the map towards an objective or having an RPG in hand as he moves on one of my vehicles. Overcoming the hesitation and self-doubt as gauge the distance, putting the cross hairs ¾ of an inch above his head and a half inch in front of path of movement, and finally pulling the trigger and watching that pink mist, knowing he’s just yelled “WTF! Come on!”

The annoyance of realizing when I don’t have a shot on an enemy followed by the smile that goes across my face as I get a spot kill bonus because someone who does finished the job I couldn’t.

Running to the objectives, tossing down motion sensors and waiting with pistol in hand. Confident enough in my team mates abilities to know that even if I am killed, the red triangles will pop up and the objective will be defended.

That tense moment when I realize that the man in your crosshair also has you in his. The gamble of pulling the trigger and hoping you’re faster and more accurate or the safety of ducking and running for cover and a new position.

I’ve been playing first person shooters for years. I’ve been AWP’d back when Counter-Strike was still someone’s little project. I’ve seen the 2Fort matches in Team Fortress 2 turn into pointless sniping matches. I’ve been on teams with people in Halo who want to get long range head shots more than they want to win the round. The difference for me is that in Bad Company 2 I know that if I play well and use my class to the fullest I am not just playing my own meta-game of “shoot the other snipers”. I’m helping complete objectives, tearing down defenses, advancing an offense, and having a ton of fun while I do it.

Not to mention that I’m smart enough to switch classes if the current situation calls for it. Don’t be a one trick pony. Play for your team.

A long time ago, like last year, I made a posted about how I was talking video games with this Autistic kid at my father-in-law's house. Well I just got back in town after a week of visiting them and the whole trip pretty much sucked except for when I let this kid play WoW.

The first thing he did was create an undead rogue named "Undersneaky". When I asked the nine year old why he picked that name he informed me that "when The Undertaker and sneaky combine they form... UNDERSNEAKY!". I found his answer satisfactory.

I showed him the basic mechanics of the game and within five minutes he was running around having a good time. Then he came across some monsters that attacked and killed him. As he looked at the corpse on the screen he said the greatest thing I've ever heard a nine year old say...

"Those guys just started attacking me... they are maniacs... like cops".

Originally Sean Sands posted an article arguing that we are living in a golden age of gaming. Then Nintendoll posted her thoughts arguing against this statement, to which Mogg posted his response, which now leads to my thoughts on the issue.

During the "retro" days of gaming when NES was at it's prime I was there. I was also old enough to understand what was happening in the industry. If I look back and let nostalgia take hold I'll have nothing but warm and fuzzy memories of how awesome things were back then. The truth is that they were awesome, but it wasn't because games were better or the industry was creating an environment of greatness. It was because I was a young man with little to no real responsibility and video games were something exciting and new. I finally had the power to control what was on the television screen and it felt good.

We can skip all the talk about the classic games that fill our hearts with joy, every era of every form of media will have some gems in the pile of gravel. The truth is that it was a time of intense marketing and games filling the market whose advertisements were more entertaining than the games themselves. It's very much the same today except that now we are living in a unique situation where gaming has evolved into a culture instead of hobby of novelty.

What solidifies the idea that we are living in a golden age for me as a PC gamer isn't the amount of good titles that are released or features of new consoles. It's that I can spend around $50 for a good game and enjoy the experience of playing that game for years. I can do a simple internet search for "LAN Party" and find lists of times and places where I can go meet up with hundreds of other gamers and enjoy playing games together. I don't see how after all the talk of PAX and NARP's going on anyone can claim we are living in something other than THE golden age of gaming.

Remember when you first played Super Mario Bros. and you thought about how cool it would be if you could make levels for it? Well now, in this age, you can. Not only can you make levels for Super Mario Bros. but if you love Team Fortress 2 you can make levels for that which people will download and actually play. Hell, people are creating games by themselves out of their bedrooms and releasing them to the public for people to play.

Right now I'm sitting in an IRC chatroom talking about video games, while posting a blog about video games which will be read by other gamers, after which I will sign on to Steam to see what current sales there are on video games that I can dowload and play with the click of a button, and while playing those games I can speak through a microphone and actually speak to people playing the same game I am who live across the country.

This is the golden age. From here on out we need only sit back and smile waiting for the platinum age... I hope I'm alive long enough to see it.