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Star Wars is probably one of my favorite movies. The idea of a galaxy where humans live with aliens and a super power entity called the force let's people pick up things with their mind is brilliant. It takes a real genius to craft a masterpiece like this.

Back in the days of the Super Nintendo, I played a game called "Super Star Wars." When I played it, I thought the game was awesome. Not only did it bring the Star Wars movie to life in a video game perspective, but it also created a whole new experience for you to enjoy. Now a days you see games that were based off of movies to be some of the shittiest games that could hit shelves at stores.

Charlie's Angels the Video Game (fucking terrible)

For games to recreate the same great experience that you had while watching the movie is hard to do, but Star Wars: The Old Republic pulled it off really well. The way they did this was by not relating to the movie at all, and that sounds funny because it is Star Wars, it has it in the title.

This game is actually based off another game called Knights of the Old Republic, and this game took place 3000 years before the George Lucas Trilogies took place. By doing this, the game has it's own setting to play with and create their own story based off of the Star Wars universe. It's still Star Wars, it's just your not going to be re-experiencing the world of Star Wars you already knew, you will now be experiencing the world of Star Wars that Bioware wants you to see.

They took a MMO fantasy world like World of Warcraft, took a blender, and blended it with the science fiction galaxy of Star Wars making one of the most refined MMOs I have played to date. What I absolutely adore about it, is that anyone can pick up the game and play it with ease because of it's easy to learn layout and design, I can really tell that Bioware put a LOT of thought into this game.

I give this game a 9.5: It has some bugs and glitches that need to be addressed and sometimes the conversations between NPCs can be very dry and meaningless.
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