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2:31 PM on 06.15.2014

Who truly won E3 2014?

"Who won E3 2014?" This is a question that is usually on ever gamers mind and even my non-gamer friends ask me. If you would of asked me this question Tuesday afternoon my answer would of been Nintendo. After a couple of days to let it sink, I'm actually changing my answer. Before I do that let's go over what each company did right and wrong this year:

Microsoft: With Phil Spencer as the new head of the Xbox division he promised people one thing this E3 press conference "games." Spencer kept his word and boy did Microsoft deliver, there was game after game shown and not one game was shown for too long. The whole show felt like a complete 180 from last years. Microsoft had one goal in mind to win consumers over and I think they did a perfect job. After the conference my first thought was "dammit I need to go buy an Xbox One." From Call of Duty to Crackdown, every game shown was something I need to get my hands on. 

Sony: Sony came in head strong following last years E3 and having the top console sales since launch. Sony's conference should of been about this why we are on top, but they feel a little flat. Sony had a lot of surprises during the show from Grim Fandango to Bloodbourne. There were a lot of good games shown but there was hardly any mention of the PS Vita. I was hoping that Sony would acknowledge the fact this $200+ piece of hardware was more than just a remote play tool for my PS4. Not to mention the segment with Brian Michael Bendis and his Powers show which really brought down mood. Now with all the complaining, I really think Sony still did a really good job this year with their conference. They had some great games that I am personally excited for. 

Nintendo: Nintendo was honestly the biggest surprise of E3. They did right by not having a press conference and just having a pre-taped Digital Event. With Time magazine leaking that Miyamoto was working on a new Star Fox, I was afraid that Nintendo's biggest surprise was spoiled. Not even close, Star Fox wasn't even mentioned. Every game Nintendo showed was something different and unique. The whole conference in general brought a smile to my face and really showed that Nintendo's future is still bright full of clay and yarn. 

Nintendo focused on their first party line up with a small segment on upcoming indie titles, which was the right move and is what is going to help them keep the Wii U relevant in this upcoming console cycle. The crazy thing was Nintendo didn't even mention what they have planned for the 3DS until after their Digital Event. That wasn't all Nintendo had up their sleeve they really went out up and beyond this year with their Smash Brothers tournament and the Treehouse broadcast. In regards to the Nintendo Treehouse broadcast, I hope this is a continuous thing every E3. I was great to see the people who work at the Treehouse show so much excitement and interest in the games they work on.  

Now who was truly the winner of E3 you might ask? Well in the end it's the gamer this year. Three companies came out and showed us nothing but games, games, a tv show, and more games. Granted a lot of these games won't come out til 2015, we still have so many amazing games coming our way. I was really happy with this years E3 and I hope this trend of showcasing these games continue.   read

11:27 PM on 09.13.2008

Who wants in the Socom Beta?

I just received my invite to the Socom Beta, but I have no time to try it out. Any fellow Dtoider that wants it PM me and it's yours.   read

9:49 AM on 07.12.2007

The fanboys have finally gotten to me

With E3 happening right now the fanboys have been let out of their cage and let loose around the internet forums. Usually Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo fanboys never really bothered me, but this year it seems they’ve gotten to me. I’ve been trolling a lot of websites these past 24 hours and after all of Press Conferences to view a lot of people’s reactions. What set me off to write about fanboys and hardcore gamers was what I would read: “Microsoft sucks, SONY IS DEH BOMBAH” “Nintendo’s gay, HALO RULEZ!!@!” Not giving any incites to what they thought of the companies E3 line up, just utter nonsense. Sadly, this is what most of the gaming market is composed of.

I will openly admit I’m not even close to being a mediocre Halo player but I love to play online. Yet, I hardly seem to play online because of the “Hardcore” players. Yes, nowadays it seems that being a hardcore gamer is being able to play Halo, Gears of War, and Madden online, talk smack about your opponent, and whooping their ass. I always felt being a hardcore gamer was not necessarily being an Elite at a game, but being able to enjoy the game, graphics, gameplay and storyline. A hardcore game in my eyes is someone who doesn’t hate all systems out there but has respect for the industry and the work these programmers and artist put into a game. Sure everyone has their favorite console and game but to go online and flame another person about what they like is ridiculous. Yes when we kids back in 90’s, eating at lunch to rip on our friends about how old Mario is or to listen about how gay Sonic is was considered our flame wars of the time. Now it just seems ridiculous how out of hand these wars have gotten. I was watching G4’s coverage of E3 last night and they had just had a hands of Heavenly Sword (Which looks amazing) and they had a Stickam called who of course was just complaining out how the PS3 lacks this and that. Not giving any respect to the developer that had made such an amazing demo. Joel Gourdine had to keep getting the kid on track about how great the game looked and played but the kid kept going back to how bad the PS3’s line up is.

Now of course these comments are not aimed at anyone at Destructoid. I’ve been a reader of the site for a long time and always enjoyed and respected a lot of the reader comments. I think Destructoid is composed of what a lot of gaming sites lack and that is their community. The community here has a great voice and is given respect for it especially with these community blogs.   read

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