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yeismeload's blog

8:04 PM on 09.02.2012

To Foom and Co...moving begins :S

Hi all the Dtoid peeps,

I haven't been around much lately due to packing up the flat and boxing up all my gaming gear, with real life crap like cancelling bills and moving getting in the way of stream watching. I am almost done and should have access to broadband as of Thursday temporarily before moving again for the long term, so I will keep the fingers crossed. Putting my 16 consoles and tons of gaming swagg/gear into storage today was a bit depressing, since it could be several years before I see the boxes again depending on how the career goes and where I end up living. Anyway it's 2am and I'm sick so before I start to drone I just wanted to say to all the mash tactics regulars I will be back into regular mode once all this is settled. Ugh moving around the world for work never sucks any less ass than the time before it.   read

11:55 AM on 03.05.2012

GAME really shat the bed on this one...

After no notification from about them cancelling my mass effect 3 collectors edition due to their issues with EA, I had to scramble just to find a standard edition elsewhere for launch day. For anyone who isn't familiar with the fiasco punch game march preorders ea or something along those lines for the story. It's on ign and the usual sites as well, but nowhere to be found on game's actual site warning customers. The way they handled the situation is a joke...but at least I can kill some reapers in four days.   read

10:20 PM on 02.08.2012

Depressed about moving out in June

Hi all,

The title pretty much sums it up of June I will have to move out of my flat where I have an awesome gaming setup and have lived comfortably for two years due to work and a few other things. That means likely having to live in temp accommodation for a while or shared while I find a new place, and even if that goes well it will mean a good few months to a year without high speed broadband or time for any gaming, let alone watching casts etc. I am trying to keep focused on how good it will be once things are settled again and I am comfortable with my gaming room and plasma setup, as well as the good times and how much fun I have had for two years here, but it will be a long time until I am so settled again and I am really going to miss my 50 inch for gaming not to mention having all of my consoles connected at the same time. Going back to my small tv from the bedroom which I will likely be taking with me wherever I end up is going to suck hard. I still have a good few months until then, but it's hard to relax and enjoy games properly when these sorts of things are on your mind. Ugh, but what can you do?


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