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yaisuah avatar 7:40 PM on 05.25.2008  (server time)
Top Secret Amazingly Awesome Game Idea Revealed. Trollers Wanted.

So, after getting multiple requests(seriously) for me to reveal my amazingly awesome game idea's that I claimed to have, I've decided to discuss at least one that I've been thinking about the most. I want to be clear I can program a bit, but I have no will to learn any more about programming itself, I'd rather spend my time playing video games then learning how to create one. I'd always imagined myself being more like a Miyamoto, Kojima or Jaffe, not the Carmack. I also have no real artistic ability to draw, so that limits me in that way as well. I am revealing this idea, only to shut those up that say I probably I don't even have one to begin with. This game will 99.9% for sure never be made by me, but feel free to leave your abuse. Read more and see the first screenshot after the jump!

Ok, I don't even know how to make a jump, but I always wanted to say that.

The name of the game is Pixel, it actually is probably most inspired by EVO and Destiny of an Emperor - two of the best RPG's of all time. It's also a bit like SPORE, in the sense that you start off as a single pixel and you gradually grow over time by defeating other pixels, but really EVO did that first like 10 years ago, so I'm counting that. The game would start out just like the picture shows, you are a single white pixel on a black screen.

This is where the game probably get's way too different for most people. Eventually another pixel would come on the screen and talk to you and then it fights you, when you beat it you absorb it's pixel, making you now Two pixels big. Thing is, each pixel you gain is considered a separate party member and has their own stats and abilities. Yes this is an rpg with very fast paced turned based jrpg combat. After you gain 10 pixels which would be fighting as 10 separate pixels all with a unique name(Influenced by the big parties in DoaE), you can combine them all into 1 decapixel, which combines each of their skills and abilities. You'll also be in complete control of how the sprite you make turns out from color to shape, but you'll never have more than 10 active party pixels at a time.

There would be a fun and simple story behind the game, and the levels would start to apear as you move around, along with other pixels to talk to and quests to do. The levels would also be evolving from simple atari like blocks into nes level, then to snes and then to the likes of Aquaria. the same thing with the music. The enemies would also evolve into full 16bit sprites and each enemy you kill is worth however many pixels it was made out of.

The main goal of the game would be to evolve into a Megapixel and save the world somehow. Thats 1 Million pixels. There's a lot more ideas I have for this game but this is all I'm willing to say for now, which is probably too much anyways. I know it probably sounds a lot worse than I envision it in my head, but if any major company want's to steal this idea, please do so I can sue the shit out of you.

Updated with a brand new battle engine screenshot from the first boss fight:

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