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yaisuah's blog

4:12 PM on 05.27.2008

Revolutionary JRPG Battle Engine for Pixel Exposed!

The most amazingly awesome game ever that will probably never be made, continues to be made in my head, at least, and in these blog posts( First and Second). Which are required reading to know where I'm coming from. I was in...   read

4:40 PM on 05.26.2008

How to get a story out of 2 pixels and a ball of light.

Yesterday, I decided to reveal to the world my grand idea for a video game, Pixel that I personally think would be quite awesome. I got mostly positive feedback which was very surprising, and I only wish I had the ability to...   read

7:40 PM on 05.25.2008

Top Secret Amazingly Awesome Game Idea Revealed. Trollers Wanted.

So, after getting multiple requests(seriously) for me to reveal my amazingly awesome game idea's that I claimed to have, I've decided to discuss at least one that I've been thinking about the most. I want to be clear I can p...   read

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