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I don't suck.

And here's the content you all so much crave for.

A friend of mine was walking through the woods behind my house looking for a place to take a dump one day when he came across this mushroom.

It looked funky so I figures maybe it's got some psychotropic properties. Might as well eat it and find out. I took a nice dry cloth and patted the dirt away. I chopped it up into nice small easily digesteable pieces and began to slowly munch the shroom down. It tasted like shit but it is a shroom so I expected as much. After about an hour or two I noticed that nothing was happening so me and my buddy decided to play fashion show. Here's the pictures.

This is my favorite.

Come hither.

Now get back.

Hail destructoid gods.

This is my buddy's favorite. I'm not too happy with the blonde wig.

I'm hot.

I hate you God and your judgemental ways. I do not suck! You HEAR me God?!