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yadidameng avatar 2:43 AM on 07.10.2010  (server time)
Jimquisition- gamers don't want real violence

Man, I am pretty disturbed. This vid related to this research paper I have to write for my class. Sort of.

At first I was kind of in shock, I didn't expect to go on good old youtube and see what I saw. Should I include a link? I'm pretty sure it's easy to find. Anyway, after I was done being horrified, I started thinking about censorship. I feel pretty sheltered from the real horrors in the world. There's so much real crap going down in other countries that we generally don't hear about often. I've kind of only been slightly aware, if I even count as aware now, for a pretty short time. I'm thankful to not have personal experience with real tragedies, but other people have horrific experiences and become aware of things at such young ages.

The assignment for my class is to pick 2 controversial photographs and decide if they should be censored or not. I'm writing about the Sri Lankan Civil War. I kind of stumbled upon the subject really by chance. I was reading an article in a magazine about M.I.A. because I love her. lol I heard that she was from Sri Lanka. I know very very little about that place. I was curious because the magazine mentioned a line from one of her new songs saying that "I didn't choose a struggle but a struggle chose me/So I'm dancing on the rubble permanently." What rubble? What is she talking about? Well, I found out that the Sri Lankan Civil War went on for over 25 years and only ended LAST YEAR! I had no idea, really.

Well, I'm not used to seeing real dead bodies. While looking for controversial pics, I came across one that was taken near the end. It was of the Tamil Tiger's (LTTE) leader's corpse. No it's not his body on the ground, covered by a sheet or something. It's right in his face, eyes open. It's pretty odd...

I feel like I'm rambling now. Man. Anyway, I don't think that photographs should be censored like crazy. If an event happened, whether its a tragedy or not, it still happened. I'm not saying that disturbing images need to be plastered all over the tv, but it is important that people know what happened. Sometimes people try to down play terrible events. If images aren't released, some may successfully deny it and we will be kept in the dark.

Anyway, the Jimquisition video was effective. I don't want realistic violence in my games.

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