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yadidameng avatar 5:27 AM on 09.05.2010  (server time)
I still love StarCraft

I have wanted to play StarCraft for quite some time recently. I waited a while because I installed it on our newest computer in the house and thought everything was just fine. But then I went to play and the colors were all jacked up. I figured I just needed a patch but was too lazy to look for it and download it. (this was all caused by windows 7 apparently)

I decided I couldn't take it anymore and looked for a solution sometime within the last 2days. Apparently it was as simple as checking all of the boxes in the settings box under some tab in the properties thingy and then opening up the resolution window for the comp and leaving it open.

I'm not sure about if it'll really keep working because, so far, my computer froze twice and I had to shut off my laptop. Oh well, it's good enough for now =] I love this type of game. I also grew up playing Command & Conquer... perhaps I'll install that on my laptop too...

I never beat the game when I was younger since I was usually playing multiplayer or playing the zerg story. I decided I should follow the game's suggestion and start with Terran since I'm so rusty. I'm getting the hang of it again though.

I think I should play on one of the desktops though since those monitors are pretty huge compared to my laptop's screen... Whatever, I love my laptop!

PS- I almost bought the papa burch t-shirt. I think I'll cave and get it soon though. I'm just being a cheap ass right now...

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