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My father purchased a Nintendo for my brothers, sometime before my birth. He may regret that decision for the rest of his life...

Well, I remember Duck Hunt being my favorite game as a child. Maybe I thought it was so cool because I was holding this plastic gun that could do stuff when I pointed it at the tv. Maybe I was fascinated by the technology? I was always curious about things, so maybe that was it.

Maybe I'm supposed to be an assassin, but I love puppies and kittens and fluffy animals in general. This is why I stick to killing only in games =]

Do not doubt my skill. I can shoot in real life.


What am I talking about? Hmm, I love games that let you customize the CRAP out of your character. I mentioned before I like killing in games, which reminds me, Saints Row 2. I like it. I'm a crazy mofo in that game =] It's fun.

I like other games too.

Oh, I go by Yadidameng on every website I join. Before I was Yadidameng, I was many things. I dare not remember all of the other names I have used in the past...

Where do I play?
In my room on a tv too large for the room, so I get headaches when I play games such as COD4/MW2, mirrors edge, and really anything that moves too quickly... I'm not sure what that excludes.

I still don't have a 360 -_-

I think I'll survive somehow, at least a while longer.

Lately I've been playing:
Sim City 2000
Megaman Maverick HunterX
King's Cup
Pokemon Soulsilver
New Super Mario Bros. Wii
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3:30 AM on 03.16.2010

Poop. This is weird... usually when I sign up for different websites I use my usual name... but now... my real name is exposed... Weird. I'll see what I can do about that. Well, I'm playing Final Fantasy XIII. I'm not very far into it at all... I'm a little sad to hear that the game isn't living up to expectations. I probably should have known when I started thinking a lot of the characters were stupid... Hopefully I grow more attached to them as the game progresses. Right now Lightning is my wallpaper on my HTC Hero (which I got recently and am so happy to have joined the rest of the world with their awsm phones and constant access to the internets) and Snow is my lock screen. Teehee! Snow better take his hat off at some point during the game or else I'll be disappointed -_-

Snow is pretty annoying. I laughed when Lightening punched him... twice XD and Hope... Don't get me started on that fool.

So I would also be playing Monsters and Monster Hunter, but I can't locate my PSP! I'm so sad! I know where I last played it... but I'm not sure if I put it in my purse when I left or not... I hope it hasn't been stolen DX

Hopefully I find it soon. I keep wanting to play something, but then I remember I don't know where my PSP is at!


There goes my first blog here.


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