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5:27 AM on 09.05.2010

I still love StarCraft

I have wanted to play StarCraft for quite some time recently. I waited a while because I installed it on our newest computer in the house and thought everything was just fine. But then I went to play and the colors were all jacked up. I figured I just needed a patch but was too lazy to look for it and download it. (this was all caused by windows 7 apparently)

I decided I couldn't take it anymore and looked for a solution sometime within the last 2days. Apparently it was as simple as checking all of the boxes in the settings box under some tab in the properties thingy and then opening up the resolution window for the comp and leaving it open.

I'm not sure about if it'll really keep working because, so far, my computer froze twice and I had to shut off my laptop. Oh well, it's good enough for now =] I love this type of game. I also grew up playing Command & Conquer... perhaps I'll install that on my laptop too...

I never beat the game when I was younger since I was usually playing multiplayer or playing the zerg story. I decided I should follow the game's suggestion and start with Terran since I'm so rusty. I'm getting the hang of it again though.

I think I should play on one of the desktops though since those monitors are pretty huge compared to my laptop's screen... Whatever, I love my laptop!

PS- I almost bought the papa burch t-shirt. I think I'll cave and get it soon though. I'm just being a cheap ass right now...   read

2:43 AM on 07.10.2010

Jimquisition- gamers don't want real violence

Man, I am pretty disturbed. This vid related to this research paper I have to write for my class. Sort of.

At first I was kind of in shock, I didn't expect to go on good old youtube and see what I saw. Should I include a link? I'm pretty sure it's easy to find. Anyway, after I was done being horrified, I started thinking about censorship. I feel pretty sheltered from the real horrors in the world. There's so much real crap going down in other countries that we generally don't hear about often. I've kind of only been slightly aware, if I even count as aware now, for a pretty short time. I'm thankful to not have personal experience with real tragedies, but other people have horrific experiences and become aware of things at such young ages.

The assignment for my class is to pick 2 controversial photographs and decide if they should be censored or not. I'm writing about the Sri Lankan Civil War. I kind of stumbled upon the subject really by chance. I was reading an article in a magazine about M.I.A. because I love her. lol I heard that she was from Sri Lanka. I know very very little about that place. I was curious because the magazine mentioned a line from one of her new songs saying that "I didn't choose a struggle but a struggle chose me/So I'm dancing on the rubble permanently." What rubble? What is she talking about? Well, I found out that the Sri Lankan Civil War went on for over 25 years and only ended LAST YEAR! I had no idea, really.

Well, I'm not used to seeing real dead bodies. While looking for controversial pics, I came across one that was taken near the end. It was of the Tamil Tiger's (LTTE) leader's corpse. No it's not his body on the ground, covered by a sheet or something. It's right in his face, eyes open. It's pretty odd...

I feel like I'm rambling now. Man. Anyway, I don't think that photographs should be censored like crazy. If an event happened, whether its a tragedy or not, it still happened. I'm not saying that disturbing images need to be plastered all over the tv, but it is important that people know what happened. Sometimes people try to down play terrible events. If images aren't released, some may successfully deny it and we will be kept in the dark.

Anyway, the Jimquisition video was effective. I don't want realistic violence in my games.   read

6:40 AM on 07.04.2010

How did I get here??

I'm new, so none of you really know anything about me. I just felt like sharing =]

I'm often on youtube, almost daily, unless I have some paper to write, sometimes even then... I'm not exactly sure of how it happened, but I think I came across an episode of Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin? I wanted to watch more, so I ended up watching as many episodes as I could on I was hooked. Anthony and Ashly were doing what i wish I was doing >_< lol

Indeed, I am the younger sister annoying her older brother(s). I have two, but our age gaps are pretty big, so I'm the last one left at the nest... Oh how the tables have turned though. I didn't really go out of my way to annoy my brothers, we actually all got/get along pretty well. Anyway, so my oldest brother pretty much does things to annoy me, possibly for payback for the times I didn't go away when he told me to as a child. btw, the age gaps are five years. So, my oldest bro is married and has a kid. He is a hardcore gamer, no doubt about that. Yet, still to this day he busts into my room to check if I got any new games, ask me retarded questions, and calls me funny nick names. Usually I don't get too mad unless I had just stayed up all night and happen to be fast asleep. Hmm, now that I think about it, everyone comes into my room and wakes me up to ask me random things. -_-

Someday I might tell you about my other brother. Anyway, I love the HAWP series =] I go to the HAWP website every so often to see what's up. Oh, congrats to Anthony and his wifey, I saw that they recently got married. Awesomeness =] I was bummed a few months ago when I checked the HAWP website and realized I missed Anthony speaking at UC Berkeley (I think), by like a day! I hope he comes again. I'm technically part of the Bay Area so anywhere between San Jose and Sac is reasonable to drive to.


I'm still waiting to be inspired to write about a game lol   read

5:37 PM on 07.01.2010


I was surprised that there were a good number of comments on my first blog =] thanks!

Good news, I found my psp... under my bed ::facepalm::
I've been playing old games recently. A lot of Sim City 2000, both on psp and ps3, Final Fantasy VII, Threads of Fate till I reached the part where the disc won't read anymore due to the fact that its HELLA scratched up (not my fault). So I guess I'll never beat Threads of Fate unless I go buy another copy... sadness...

I also started doing the folding@home thing on ps3 =] I started a team, perhaps some of you might care to join? You don't really get anything for participating, except maybe a higher self-esteem? It's for protein folding and diseases linked to the misfolding of them. Wikipedia if you don't know what I'm blabbering about. lol Does anyone else here use folding@home?

Recently I spent a good portion of the day watching my best friend play Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It was too hot outside to do anything... except eat otter pops. I'm sure I could have been productive and read for my English class (just making sure I can transfer after this year) or written something. But I was not productive at all.

I'm still not done with ffxiii, but I'm in chapter 10 at least. Hey, is anyone going to play mw2 tomorrow psHome? I prefer hardcore because you get to listen and strategize better. I don't like the map... without it it's much more exciting =]

Hopefully I get a chance to blog here regularly, I play games so much more during the summer.

Oh so my folding@home team is TeamTM the number is 189804. TM stands for Techno Mirage which is my brother's gaming website. It's currently under construction and I'm supposed to be helping him. I'm going to write reviews or something on there. Next year I wanna go to E3! Brudda can already go.. but he's in Japan and probably won't be back for quite some time. Apparently I'm supposed to save money so I can visit him in the spring. If I get this job at Best Buy, it could happen. (I really don't want to get a "normal" job -_-) but maybe the discount will be good?

ok ok, that's enough for today. hope everyone is having a good summer =]

hmm, what could I tag this as... I'll try to type with a goal next time so it will be easier to label. NVGR for now even though I did mention games.Oh well.   read

3:30 AM on 03.16.2010

aww crap

Poop. This is weird... usually when I sign up for different websites I use my usual name... but now... my real name is exposed... Weird. I'll see what I can do about that. Well, I'm playing Final Fantasy XIII. I'm not very far into it at all... I'm a little sad to hear that the game isn't living up to expectations. I probably should have known when I started thinking a lot of the characters were stupid... Hopefully I grow more attached to them as the game progresses. Right now Lightning is my wallpaper on my HTC Hero (which I got recently and am so happy to have joined the rest of the world with their awsm phones and constant access to the internets) and Snow is my lock screen. Teehee! Snow better take his hat off at some point during the game or else I'll be disappointed -_-

Snow is pretty annoying. I laughed when Lightening punched him... twice XD and Hope... Don't get me started on that fool.

So I would also be playing Monsters and Monster Hunter, but I can't locate my PSP! I'm so sad! I know where I last played it... but I'm not sure if I put it in my purse when I left or not... I hope it hasn't been stolen DX

Hopefully I find it soon. I keep wanting to play something, but then I remember I don't know where my PSP is at!


There goes my first blog here.

=]   read

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