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I was four years old when I picked up the first game I ever played. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time. To this date it is the best "Beat 'em up" I have ever touched. I have not put down a controller ever since that fateful day.

It is no easy task to pick a favorite game. My favorite games have all impacted me in their own unique ways. Ocarina of Time is the most atmospheric game I have ever played. Final Fantasy IX made me empathize with the suffering of the characters like no other game. Phantasy Star Online is the game I have dedicated the most time to ever. Super Mario 64 left me in awe for it was the first time I felt in total control of a character. To pick one is to deny the others their glory.

Currently I am playing Final Fantasy XIII. Does it deserve the hate? I certainly hope not.

Greetings Destructoid. My name is Omar and as most of you may have already presumed, I am a gamer. I have never blogged in my life but I chose to begin blogging in Destructoid for a specific reason. A few months ago, a friend of mine introduced me to Destructoid as a site for great gaming news. I checked it out and was quite impressed. My happiness with the website increased tenfold when I discovered the founder of Destructoid is from <b>Hialeah, Florida</b>.

For those of you non-South Floridians, Hialeah is just north of Miami. I was born in Hialeah 21 years ago. It is awesome to see such a great gaming website created by someone from Hialeah. I don't live in Hialeah anymore because I have moved south to Miami but I lived in Hialeah for half my life and this is where I was introduced to gaming.

Hialeah isn't exactly known as the hardcore gamers' location of choice (nor the rest of South Florida). The gaming community isn't exactly strong (although it is growing). Although I think many people here are closet nerds and secretly play WoW and watch anime when no one can witness their awesome nerd embrace. Not to say that there aren't any gaming events down here. I believe there was a Bioshock 2 release party in Miami with an actual Big Daddy in all its glory.

Probably less enthusiastic than this one

Don't get me wrong, gaming is huge down here. FPS's reign supreme in south Florida, although the same could be probably said about the rest of the country. I'm not much of a FPS enthusiast so it can be hard to find similar gaming interests with the gamers around me. Not to say that I won't play a FPS (destroying my friends online is gratifying) but I prefer the RPG scene. Gaming is huge down here but there is no community.

Destructoid warriors, I am honored to be a member of your militia. I cannot wait to dive into reading your blogs.

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