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And yes, honoring my first post in a Cblog i'm drunk again, so drunk presentation here I go:

- "hey dude, your english is kinda weird", yes, it is, that's because i'm from argentina, southernmost country
in the world, amazing isn't it?

- santa loves me and totally ignoring the fact that i'm 24 and I'm kinda old to get my xmas gift, he dropped of a
360, so yeah, he's a pretty cool dude

- i'm a graphic designer and love games since childhood, began with consoles and then switched to pc for a
few years and now i'm just back in the console world

- appart from this totally boring presentation blog, you can expect something barely interesting in the future,
i've been really thinking on stuff to post about around here, who knows, maybe even someone will like it

now off to sleep, let's see if anyone kinda somehow remembers me, if you don't, hi, i'm just a new old dude
from the begginings of the IRC channel :D

now I present you with a man with a very big cock

Ahoy mateis!, here yer pirate from the south to tell yee that today is a special day, a celebration day! It is our day!, we day we celebrate our superiority over those filthy and sneaky ninjas arr. So put ye parch on, take ye rum out of the cage and drink some parrot! *hic*


yee can see some of the celebrations on yee pirate filled internets in places like http://www.flickr.com/

12:22 AM on 09.17.2007

When trivia begins, hilarity ensues!

Now I'm not saying that they ripped it off or anything like that, I assume it's just a coincidence.
A few days ago I saw the Fortress Forever logo and it kinda reminded me to something I've seen before, in that moment I couldn't remember what, but I just found my Feindflug (an electronic music band) T-shirt and saw the logo, then all was clear for me.

So, this is the Fortress Forever logo:

and this is Feindflug logo:

Now, Feindflug is a WWII themed electronic band, wich shows heavy military resemblance. So what I'm trying to show here is how, with the passage of time, people has to be more creative and not just stick with the first idea that comes into your mind, wich in this case would be "military themed + 2 Fs on your band/game name = two Fs in a military logo style"

See what I did there?, created a serious blog out of nowhere.

5:20 AM on 09.15.2007

it's 7:25am and i'm drunk as hell, so it's the perfecto time to start my damn blog, so enjoy dammit, now if you excuse me i'm going to totally pass out on my bed until i awake, that will probably happen in quite a feew hours

btw it's incredible how my english works being a totally drunk argentinian guy

btw 2, dedicated to all the irc chat guys

btw 3, damn this keyboards moves a lot

btw 5 ,also cocks