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xXdeadlycamperXx's blog

7:01 PM on 05.21.2012

Been Awhile

Well I was hoping to stay on top of this blog, Well things in life happen and what not. Here I am back again. Hopefully you all have been playing alot of MW3 as well. I finally prestiged to lvl 15. I did prestige after that but you only end up redoing the 15th prestige, You get no cool title or emblem saying you have made it haha. My complaint about that right now is there is a place where you can reset your stats. After reading everything before hitting the ok button, I had read that all of my stats would be reset. Come to find out, that's only part true. Sure the stats on the page of your Barracks reset, BUT when you go into the individual games you play, it still holds your stats. Whats the point of resetting all of your stats if EVERYTHING isnt redone. You get set back just like you had never played the game EXCEPT the stats for each game. Totally pointless and had i known about this, I wouldnt have done it. So here is to redoing every gun, perk, secondary weapon, lethal and non-lethal genades.

Also wanted to say, Ive watched the Black Ops 2 vid and I dont know about the rest of you, but to me it looks like they are trying to bring HALO into PS3. Im not a fan of games played in 2025 and so unless the mulitplayer is just a beast, I will be sticking with MW3 for now.

Another point of discussion is the Content drop. Personally I was not amused by the new maps. Seems they just want people to sit in corners and hide. Yes I know this sounds crazy coming from a guy who's name is Deadlycamper, but cmon who wants to spend upwards of $120 bucks to be killed by some jackass who is sitting in the corner with a silencer and a baby moniter aka heartbeat sensor? I must say though that the 2 newest maps out, are better then the 4 that were just released. One is more camping and hiding, while the other is more run and gun, it has a few hiding spots, but you better be able to run-n-gun cause you will be found.

That sums up what Ive been up to lately, just Keep on Killing and I'll see you soon!

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3:44 AM on 01.16.2012

Modern Warfare 3

This is my 1st blog on this site and since I am currently playing MW3, I figured I would write about what I think so far. This is probably going to be more of a rant then anything, but hey here it is.

I have yet to buy a RPG because of the story mode. This was the case with MW3. Not sure who does that but I am certain people do.

The Multi-player is where it is at for MW3. If you liked MW2 then you will like this one. If you liked COD Black Ops then you probably arent to fond of this game.

The online play is good, You still have your "campers" and I found it quite funny that after only a week or so online, enough people complained about team killing on the Hardcore games that they made every game of Hardcore, where when you shoot at a teammate, you recieve the damage. Doing that just made it more like the Core games on Multiplayer. Also it seems as there is no Flakjacket and yet the "tubes" still fly in MW3, but this time you get an automatic genade launcher. Guess those who designed the game didnt listen to those who hated that in all of the previous Call of Duty's.

Overall the online play is good. They need to make CTF and HQ for Hardcore. Why they havent yet I dont know. Hopefully they will soon as it is about that time for the new Maps to come out. Should be once again a campers paradice when they bring back the Park from NY.

Until next time. Hope you are all enjoying MW3 as much as I have

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