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How has nobody posted anything about Totally Rad Show host Danny Trachtenberg's new short film? It's absolutely incredible.

Without spoiling anything that you'll see in this video, it has a looooooooot to do with one of the best Valve games to grace our presence. A'hem. Portal. NOW WATCH.

I linked through to SlashFilm since that's where I saw it first and I can't direct link a YouTube video. Meh.

Portal: No Escape Via SlashFilm.

So, I originally posted this on Square Insider as a reply to another member commenting on a post I made. You can see the original here.

To preface this though I just beat Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core; despite wanting to put it down every second I played after Act IX. I know it's a bit late, but I just went on vacation and got the opportunity to play. In a fury though, after completion, I ran to Square Insider, posted my hate, ranted, and eventually came to find this about Square and Crisis Core.

My post begins...

I really can't explain it. I tried typing a huge explanation, but it was really poorly written and very... convoluted. I can only tell you that it's pretty apparent the "cool factor" and the "nostalgia" were the only parts working for this game.

The "cool factor" is mainly a beginning half of the game thing for me and dried up as soon as the plot fucked itself into oblivion. Angeal fit in pretty ok in the beginning, but as soon as Genesis got to be a bigger character, the story just... it's so dumb.

The "nostalgia" parts were spread pretty thin and really, there's only like two fucking characters that get it the most. Aeirth and Cloud, of course. I also felt for Zack for a lot of the game, but again... as soon as Genesis stepped in, everytime I would be overwhelmed by how much he didn't fit.

This pisses me off due to how I can tell Square views their own game. It's cheap to them; an easy way to gain money. They think it's just plain "cool" to the fans and if they can remake some moments even more "cool" and add some old characters, they'll gain money. They forget the reason why each individual person loved the original game. For me, it was the dark, but hopeful storyline and the colorful characters. The cool for me was when I didn't expect cool shit to happen and it did. Now it's just expected. They've reduced those things I've loved into "awesome lines for those cool characters" and "cool shit to do" to be frank.

The characters felt pretty cliche also, to be fair. Angeal again was awesome in the beginning, but became any other sacrificial mentor. Genesis' persona has been seen at least 17 times before in various movies and games. That one bad guy who retells lines from shit and who wears a lot of plastic.

I don't know what else to say. Most of this was ranting because I'm just so overwhelmingly terrified at what could pop out if Square decides to do a FFVII remake. I prey they don't now. Advent Children was done pretty ok, why can't they just stop and think before they pop something out like they did with AC?

As I said near the end there. This game makes me fear for a FFVII remake. Based on how this game was made, Square is apparently not ready to make this game. Crisis Core was completely made for cash, no doubt.


This post may seem random and ill-written and ill-linked, but uh... I just wanted to get some community feedback. How do you chaps feel about Square and all these new compilations and remakes? Are they really focused on these titles still or just cash flow?
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