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Dealtoid!: FEAR2 on the CHEAP!

I know many people here at Destructoid are looking to get in on FEAR 2. Well today you can go cancel those silly Gamestop preorders. http://whv.warnerbros.com/WHVPORTAL/Portal/product.jsp?OID=73443 PS3 Version http://whv.wa...


Dead Space Impressions

...or how I've never played survival horror. Yes, It's true. I have never played a survival horror game before and now I know what it feels like. I am only through the first level and I am quite impressed with the game. I ...


FNF: Dungeon Runners Edition

Tonight, after a year hiatus, I am going to be playing Dungeon Runners. If anyone would like to join me that would be awesome. I am going to start a new character tonight to play the game so it would really be fun to have s...


Out of the Grasps of Gamestop (NVGR)

As many of you who play FNF with me know.. I WAS an employee of the evil Corporate empire known as Gamestop. To be quite honest with you, I think I got lucky with the manager I got and the people I worked with. For the most...


Criterion DVD Sale(NVGR)

I'm not sure if this has been posted or if any of you guys have seen this yet. I know that some of you guys expressed interest in Criterion stuff so here is the link. The sale is Buy one, Get one by the way. http://www.deepdiscount.com/DVD---HBO-Comedy-Sale_stcVVcatId476505VVviewcat.htm


Final Fantasy 7

Ebay Linkz0r Rough times have come for young Malachi so I have been forced to sell my copy of Final Fantasy 7. I know I would feel better if someone from Destructoid purchased it. Just fyi, Disc 1 is slightly scratched but still works. 2 and 3 have never been played..theyre flawless.


Serious Business (NVGR)

As some of you may have noticed I haven't been a very active player on XBL lately. I know that most of you probably don't care about this but I figured I would share anyways. The whole reason I was not on XBL as much as usual...


MOAR COD4 Contest(PSTriple Version)

I have an extra token for the Call of Duty 4 Maps. So here's your chance to win one. I'm not going to require anyone to use photoshop or anything special like that. Simply just comment here with a funny picture that you'...


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