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xGlakex avatar 4:51 PM on 11.19.2010  (server time)
Just now joining Destructoid & Hopeing for the Best

Well so I have yet signed up for another community. It seems almost as if I have gone to every popular gaming community on the web, thing is all of them never meet my expectations, whether it's the people, the look, or even what's represented. But after seeing this site something caught my eye, "For Gamers" "By Gamers" I found this interesting, seems like something I would be interested in so I signed up here, and it seems like this Community is pretty close intact, esp with the offline meet-ups. Though I am only 16, and probably if not the youngest, one of the youngest here on this site I more than likely will not make it to many events.

Anyway I hope this site keeps my attention. I'm looking to meet some nice, cool gamers, anyone for that matter, I'm used to the trolls, the immaturity (note: I spend a lot of time on SRK). I'm working on a lot of gaming projects for online Competitive Gaming, hopefully I will be able to share these projects with some people on here, I'm new to a lot of stuff so I'm pretty much coming here fresh out of the box. Ehh now I'm starting to blab. Anyway this isn't much for a entry but my future ones will hopefully be longer than this. Anyway I to have a good time here, don't be afraid to say hi, I'm open to meeting new people. Well...until next time, Peace!

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