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ww3pl avatar 10:47 AM on 06.14.2010  (server time)
So, how SLIM the new Xbox Slim really is?

That's the question everyone's propably asking right now. I mean, it's so fucking ugly, that the only thing it can do right is... to be smaller than the original Xbox. Basing on the italian images of Xbox 360 Slim, i tried to answer this MYSTERIOUS MYSTERY.

Using some GIMP/PS magic, i managed to make some proportions based on the height of the DVD-rom (if you flip the image, so X360 will be placed horizontal), which 'in reality' is propably the same as in regular X360. Of course, I DID count in the perspective of the image. I managed to get my pixel/real mm ratio and that's what i've got:

X360 SLIM (vertical)
Height - 254 mm
Width - 45 mm
Length - I propably checked that absolutely wrong (i'm pretty sure about the other two though), but i got 118 mm. Still, it may be not so impossible, i checked that using 'the other way', and i got ~115 mm.

Here's regular X360 for comparison:

Regular X360 (vertical, including hdd)
Height - 309 mm
Width - 83 mm
Length - 258 mm

Whaddya think. Am i right, or just stupid?

I think i'm gonna regret putting the second option here... Still, maybe now I'll also be able to wear this fancy analyst glasses, just like Jim Sterling! YAY.

... i want these so much, God damn it...


I don't want to write this from teh beginningzorz, so i'll just give you a sweet copy of my post.

"There were rumors of TWO versions of Kinect, the 'cheapy one' and regular one. What i saw on this X360 slim commercial was COMPATIBILE WITH KINECT.

... so, the question is. Will there be two versions of Kinect - one with it's own processor for older X360s and one using the components of X360 slim designed to use with Kinect?

If so, it'd mean that Kinect can be used with EVERY game on X360, just like Move, because it wouldn't take any power from the regular X360 processor. Am i genius?

AM I?"

I have no idea why i'm playing detective on this. Maybe because Microsoft has nothing to show us except Kinect and X360 slim? Or maybe I should stop buying more and more Mountain Dews.

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