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wugganowski avatar 2:31 PM on 02.24.2009  (server time)
I GOTS A PSTRIPLE. what now.

So i managed to snag one of the 60gig backward compatible ps3s for 200 bucks. After placing the system on my entertainment center with my Wii and my 360, I finally felt comfortable in labeling myself "A complete videogame-addicted-fucking-loser".

I hooked it up, got myself a nice wallpaper, downloaded 15 or 20 demos to look through, tried to go rent a blu-ray (blockbuster was closed) and marveled in the ability to surf the internet in the most convoluted obnoxious way i have ever experienced.

Then i remembered that this thing can play games too. All right! ...... um...... lets see......all i can really think of from recent memory that sounded good was disgaea 3 and little big planet.

My question is... what games are worth a look at? I haven't heard much other than the supposed AAA titles that ended up being more like FFF.

I assume the first response I get will be something to the effect of.. PUT THIS IN THE FORUMS JACKASS

so i guess i'll throw a review in here.

I bought this for 20 bucks used expecting a pile of shit jrpg. I'm just into the second disk and so far i am completely blown away by the graphics, combat, story, everything. If you're an old school RPG fan and you haven't gotten this yet because of the somewhat negative reception it got, please go buy it now. I honestly can't think of a gripe with it yet. Its difficult, not a grindfest, and the story is very engrossing. Also, don't skip the 1000 years of dreams when they pop up (text based dreams of the main characters past). It adds a lot more than you would think to the experience.

Also the music is amazing.

So anyways. What PS3 games warrant my attention? Downloadable or retail disks.


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