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3:34 PM on 06.02.2011

1st Post Ever!!!! My Entry for the Nyko E3 Contest :)

So I've never made an entry but I decided that with the work I put into my contest submission, it would be cool to put up some pictures of my doggie, Chloe, and the parts of her costume I made. The hardest part for me was pretty much the entire thing! Coaxing my dog to behave was tough, but it worked out! I had never done a stop motion video before, so I had to learn and i ended up with over 250 pictures with some I had to throw out because of quality issues.
Making the armor took the longest, I wanted to use cardboard but it was hard to use because its near impossible to shape so I ended up using a plastic folder i had for her legs. I just cut up the folder into large pieces and rolled em up and made sure her feet fit comfortably. On top of the folder pieces, I put blue construction paper and to decorate I used this shiny Crayola paper that is only used with specific markers. For her shield/back piece I first considered making it look like Link's Mirror Shield from The Wind Waker, but decided against it. Her front legs got a simple design, but I regret trying wings on the back legs. It didn't look how I wanted. :/
So anywho, I learned a few things doing this project. I wish I had a helper since it was a pain to have to get Chloe to not move, take pictures and still move pieces around to show animation. I even had to sow a bit, and I know for sure I didn't do good with that so I gotta figure out the technique in case I ever have to again.
So please, enjoy the video i made and leave any comments or tips!

************ ******************

And some pictures! The first one is Chloe hiding in her bed

I won some Naruto swag from Destructoid once. Now I have my own Ninja Doggie

I think doggie clothes are silly but I wanted an outfit under the armor so it would be like in movies/cartoons.

The helmet was light cardboard and the front flap lifted open. I had to make sure she would be comfy.

I was pretty proud of the shield and front legs.

And here's a side view!

I liked this shot, to me it looks like she's confused

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