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wobblefunk avatar 12:52 PM on 11.04.2009  (server time)
WOC:World of Cockfags, formally known as WIC

Today I’d thought I would whip out my copy of World in Conflict as I haven’t played in a while. A nice way to spend a chunk of my day off from uni before I settle into some work later. Awesome, no updates. Even better.

Jumping into a match without trouble, I selected support as its my favourite role to play; being that your artillery can actually kick ass when used right. Handy as im Soviet, because your arty leaves no trails and is a one hit kill instead having the US and NATO rocket barrage. This is where the tactics come in; as I can literally save flags from half a map away, wipe out entire tank columns whilst micro managing my AA units somewhere out on the map taking out the helichopters.

Woot, just obliterated another tank column in one hit! Here goes another……….


So here I am, helping out my team by obliterating half the map, shooting and scooting, AA tanks running round and actually making a difference but im voted against. Upon asking him why all I got back was ‘arty noob’. This really pissed me off as he wasn’t doing much, and he wanted to kick me for my own play-style. Back when I started, I tried all the roles. Infantry was ok on some maps, Armour was a little boring and Air always got its ass kicked by some rogue AA unit when you weren’t looking. It was support love for me.

Yes, at times when I started and occasionally for fun I had 3 heavy artillery for kicks, but its risky business; being that all your points in one basket. So I learnt by watching and scaled down to two, as 1 sucks and you can actually protect your own and help other people. No so bad when you have 8 on a team.

The growing trend now is that if you are support you have to ferry around repair tanks, AA everywhere at once and never ever get more than one artillery piece because that’s noobish. It happens nearly every game now when I play, and it annoys me because I don’t like running round repairing everyone’s tanks just to see an air strike or nuke take us all out. I might even make a petition to have support taken out of the game, as people hate them that much. Knowing the stupid community WIC seems to generate they’ll sign the bloody thing as well.

Maybe in an ideal world people on this game wouldn’t be a bunch of dicks, but I’ll get by surviving vote after vote: D

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