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wobblefunk avatar 1:20 PM on 06.09.2008  (server time)
Shitty Review: Silent Hunter 4

well, here it is again. I'm back with grammar, game experience and the will to share with you the average Joe's point of view on a game. as always, it will be out of 40 because i say it is.

right, silent hunter 4. after waiting for my bank account to fill, i went and purchased the collectors edition as its always better. with this I got a recognition manual, music cd, an iron on patch and a big map poster. nice for the price i paid on amazon.

after spending a few days getting used to it, with the time compression to help long journeys and deck gunning, i felt good about the game. not only because i worked my way around a keyboard of shortcuts and confusing tutorials, but because it was fun to see liners and frieghters sink in the 3d environment. it rules.

you can stop time, see damage on the ship already (lots of giant holes and shit) and the graphics and ships were so pleasing to look at. just before writing this, the game shows it can be a bitch as i accidentally beached the sub on the way back from a mission- what a whore.

right, score time.

Gameplay 8.5
hard to get your head round when you start, but it is very good. this mission styles are loose so you can do what you want and combat is set out nicely and at gamers choice, so there's no wasting ammo on fishing boats.

Graphics 9.5
ive never seen such beautiful water. also, ships, underwater and aircraft and wonderful to look at and destroy. watching you're enemy sink has never been so interactive for the user.

Sound 6
didnt really pay much attention to the sound, but it seemed to change on time and actually helps add to the atmosphere.

Value for Money 8
when buying the collectors edition, all the goodies are great and for the pirce i payed im not complaining at all (think i paid £11).

[Overall Score = 32[/b] / 80%

so it stands so far:
1. 80% Silent Hunter 4
2. 77.5% Navyfield
3. 72.5% Eve Online

I'll be back at some point for more reviews

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