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wobblefunk avatar 1:56 PM on 04.21.2008  (server time)
Shitty Review 2: Eve Online

well, its review time again from me. As per usual, I'll try to make it pretty good and it will most likely end up as crap.

lets begin. Im ashamed to say i didnt get into it very much as it just confused the hell out of me. i understood most of it as ive played games like this before, but you have to be a genius or have someone who has played the game to help you.

Because i am a cheap student, i am only undertaking this review with knowledge from the free 14 day trial. when i started, the training was simple enough and i was generally looking at how good the galaxy looked rather then concentrating on what i was doing. i enjoyed the game loads, as i would do roadtrips at 15AUs a second (15 distances to the sun a second :O ).

after fannying about for a while, i got mining, made some money and wanted to start fighting. unfortunatly, i didnt know how to level stuff up much and from the looks of it the game requires lots of days and patience to get anywhere. this is what killed it for me, as it takes long periods of time to get any sortof reward.
what drew me to the game was that massive hiest a few years back, when 2 guys had the highest ever recorded bounty and infiltrated a crew over a year. it was so badass i had to find out what the game was like. right, now for the important bit:

its out of 40 this time, so the number is easier to work with.

Gameplay 7
very interesting backstory and gets you into play right from the start as the tutorial shows of all the best bits from the game as you play it. also, road tripping across the stars is just too cool. but alas it gets boring quickly if you dont know what to do (like me)

Graphics 9
top notch guys, you got it right. everthing looks lovely and all the ships are very unique. only doubting it in terms of light effects and the glitch where you fly through planets when warping around.

Sound 5
i had some fun pissing around with the jukebox, but this got boring after a while and itunes took over.

Value for Money 8
only from my experience, but doesnt seem all that to me. then again, other people love the damn game and you cant complain if you get a 14 day trial for free.

Overall Score = 29 / 72.5%

so it stands so far:
1. 77.5% Navyfield
2. 72.5% Eve Online

stay tuned for more in the future!

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