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wobblefunk avatar 5:32 PM on 09.24.2009  (server time)
Halo 3:ODST - My experience.

So far, I've heard many a people compalain about this game. it may just be me, but i think this game does have its flaws, but overall is an awesome experience. the sheer bonus that i got the legendary and mythic maps with it saved me a bunch too.

I didnt rush into this game like i would any other. i heard it was short, was dodgy in areas and not really worth the 35 price tag. bearing all this in mind i played and completed the game in about 3 solid sessions. to me this made me crave the game when i wasnt playing it, because i wanted to know more, and made the overall game time not seem so short.

throughout the whole game when sneaking round as the rookie I became embedded within creeping around, bringing up the tacmap and planning my route within the city for the next clue. i was always short on ammo as i just loved the pistol and sub machine gun soo much i couldnt bare to trade them in if i could help it. I loved the way the rookie never quite knew the memories, and just started to gain an idea by the clues he picked up along the way. i took it easy, enjoyed the game for all its qualities and got back into the multiplayer which i havent played for 6 or so months.

the way the characters all have their own persona and they all are tough on each other but are still a band brothers so to speak. mixing this in with that i am also re-reading the halo books as a way to pass the time on the train means i truly have a way to get inside the rookie's head when playing through the game.

of all the games elements, my one true love from this whole experience is the simply mind blowing soundtrack that the game has. i actually purchased it digitally rather than stealing it because i owe bungie studios that.

this soundtrack has kept me going for the past few days, and has helped me chill out as i dont have many friends at university yet. it has actually inspired me creativly as the work i have done over the past few days have been above my average.

to round it off, all i can really say is bungie did another cracking job on another execellent title.

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