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i am wobblefunk. bit of wobble, bit of funk.

im from sunny old england in the south east. i am brother of bunnyrabbit2 and like him i very much enjoy gaming. i love all kinds of things, from food, to TV and freerunning. I'd say i prefer action films to anyother and FPS over other genres.
thats about it and there will before more later, dont touch that dial.
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Today I’d thought I would whip out my copy of World in Conflict as I haven’t played in a while. A nice way to spend a chunk of my day off from uni before I settle into some work later. Awesome, no updates. Even better.

Jumping into a match without trouble, I selected support as its my favourite role to play; being that your artillery can actually kick ass when used right. Handy as im Soviet, because your arty leaves no trails and is a one hit kill instead having the US and NATO rocket barrage. This is where the tactics come in; as I can literally save flags from half a map away, wipe out entire tank columns whilst micro managing my AA units somewhere out on the map taking out the helichopters.

Woot, just obliterated another tank column in one hit! Here goes another……….


So here I am, helping out my team by obliterating half the map, shooting and scooting, AA tanks running round and actually making a difference but im voted against. Upon asking him why all I got back was ‘arty noob’. This really pissed me off as he wasn’t doing much, and he wanted to kick me for my own play-style. Back when I started, I tried all the roles. Infantry was ok on some maps, Armour was a little boring and Air always got its ass kicked by some rogue AA unit when you weren’t looking. It was support love for me.

Yes, at times when I started and occasionally for fun I had 3 heavy artillery for kicks, but its risky business; being that all your points in one basket. So I learnt by watching and scaled down to two, as 1 sucks and you can actually protect your own and help other people. No so bad when you have 8 on a team.

The growing trend now is that if you are support you have to ferry around repair tanks, AA everywhere at once and never ever get more than one artillery piece because that’s noobish. It happens nearly every game now when I play, and it annoys me because I don’t like running round repairing everyone’s tanks just to see an air strike or nuke take us all out. I might even make a petition to have support taken out of the game, as people hate them that much. Knowing the stupid community WIC seems to generate they’ll sign the bloody thing as well.

Maybe in an ideal world people on this game wouldn’t be a bunch of dicks, but I’ll get by surviving vote after vote: D
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So far, I've heard many a people compalain about this game. it may just be me, but i think this game does have its flaws, but overall is an awesome experience. the sheer bonus that i got the legendary and mythic maps with it saved me a bunch too.

I didnt rush into this game like i would any other. i heard it was short, was dodgy in areas and not really worth the £35 price tag. bearing all this in mind i played and completed the game in about 3 solid sessions. to me this made me crave the game when i wasnt playing it, because i wanted to know more, and made the overall game time not seem so short.

throughout the whole game when sneaking round as the rookie I became embedded within creeping around, bringing up the tacmap and planning my route within the city for the next clue. i was always short on ammo as i just loved the pistol and sub machine gun soo much i couldnt bare to trade them in if i could help it. I loved the way the rookie never quite knew the memories, and just started to gain an idea by the clues he picked up along the way. i took it easy, enjoyed the game for all its qualities and got back into the multiplayer which i havent played for 6 or so months.

the way the characters all have their own persona and they all are tough on each other but are still a band brothers so to speak. mixing this in with that i am also re-reading the halo books as a way to pass the time on the train means i truly have a way to get inside the rookie's head when playing through the game.

of all the games elements, my one true love from this whole experience is the simply mind blowing soundtrack that the game has. i actually purchased it digitally rather than stealing it because i owe bungie studios that.

this soundtrack has kept me going for the past few days, and has helped me chill out as i dont have many friends at university yet. it has actually inspired me creativly as the work i have done over the past few days have been above my average.

to round it off, all i can really say is bungie did another cracking job on another execellent title.

i have no idea why, but it must be those darn nanobots or god has felt my pain again.

two days agao my xbox gave out after me buying xbox live and getting BF1943. its done this before and refused to work, so i left it to sit unplugged and it worked when i plugged it in. this time however i got RROD. so im sitting her pissed off that ive just bought live and a game with an added white paperweight on my desk formaly called an xbox.

i look over at it today and think 'I'll give it another go, just for luck' before i pack it into the box to be shipped when i call up UPS.im thinking to myself that itll never work and i can be annoyed that i finally have to send off my xbox. but WAIT. WOOHOO! it works! those nanobots sure did the trick there.

now im very happy and have a reason to not be angry even though my pc is messing me about. jesus only got resurected once, but my xbox has now been saved by god a second time. ill keep an eye on it, but now im one up on jesus so life's good again.

In my clan on Navyfield, we are all starting to branch out to find new and interesting games to play. in this search we stumbled upon a game called Hearts of Iron 2. i was recommended by a friend to staright up get the expansion Armageddon. this puzzled me at the time, but it all makes sense now.

ok, now with what the ell this games about. the best way to put it is as a more detailed version of the boardgame 'risk' during the second world war. i say this because the whole world and countries are seperated up into different provinces. this means a country unlike in risk isnt one provence, but say 15. this makes the gameplay a lot more strategic, as you have to factor in supply lines and re-eforcments.

As for cosmetics, this game was released in 2005, with the armageddon expansion in 2007. this means you would expect a lovely work of art as you trash countries. wrong. this is because so much of the cpu and graphics is used up in just running the game. this is because it has to simultanously run all the other countries over the world, and all their little settings in the menus to keep their countries producing and expanding. also, because you spend half of the time not even looking at the map its not a big deal.

well, here it is again. I'm back with grammar, game experience and the will to share with you the average Joe's point of view on a game. as always, it will be out of 40 because i say it is.

right, silent hunter 4. after waiting for my bank account to fill, i went and purchased the collectors edition as its always better. with this I got a recognition manual, music cd, an iron on patch and a big map poster. nice for the price i paid on amazon.

after spending a few days getting used to it, with the time compression to help long journeys and deck gunning, i felt good about the game. not only because i worked my way around a keyboard of shortcuts and confusing tutorials, but because it was fun to see liners and frieghters sink in the 3d environment. it rules.

you can stop time, see damage on the ship already (lots of giant holes and shit) and the graphics and ships were so pleasing to look at. just before writing this, the game shows it can be a bitch as i accidentally beached the sub on the way back from a mission- what a whore.

right, score time.

Gameplay 8.5
hard to get your head round when you start, but it is very good. this mission styles are loose so you can do what you want and combat is set out nicely and at gamers choice, so there's no wasting ammo on fishing boats.

Graphics 9.5
ive never seen such beautiful water. also, ships, underwater and aircraft and wonderful to look at and destroy. watching you're enemy sink has never been so interactive for the user.

Sound 6
didnt really pay much attention to the sound, but it seemed to change on time and actually helps add to the atmosphere.

Value for Money 8
when buying the collectors edition, all the goodies are great and for the pirce i payed im not complaining at all (think i paid £11).

[Overall Score = 32[/b] / 80%

so it stands so far:
1. 80% Silent Hunter 4
2. 77.5% Navyfield
3. 72.5% Eve Online

I'll be back at some point for more reviews

well, its review time again from me. As per usual, I'll try to make it pretty good and it will most likely end up as crap.

lets begin. Im ashamed to say i didnt get into it very much as it just confused the hell out of me. i understood most of it as ive played games like this before, but you have to be a genius or have someone who has played the game to help you.

Because i am a cheap student, i am only undertaking this review with knowledge from the free 14 day trial. when i started, the training was simple enough and i was generally looking at how good the galaxy looked rather then concentrating on what i was doing. i enjoyed the game loads, as i would do roadtrips at 15AUs a second (15 distances to the sun a second :O ).

after fannying about for a while, i got mining, made some money and wanted to start fighting. unfortunatly, i didnt know how to level stuff up much and from the looks of it the game requires lots of days and patience to get anywhere. this is what killed it for me, as it takes long periods of time to get any sortof reward.
what drew me to the game was that massive hiest a few years back, when 2 guys had the highest ever recorded bounty and infiltrated a crew over a year. it was so badass i had to find out what the game was like. right, now for the important bit:

its out of 40 this time, so the number is easier to work with.

Gameplay 7
very interesting backstory and gets you into play right from the start as the tutorial shows of all the best bits from the game as you play it. also, road tripping across the stars is just too cool. but alas it gets boring quickly if you dont know what to do (like me)

Graphics 9
top notch guys, you got it right. everthing looks lovely and all the ships are very unique. only doubting it in terms of light effects and the glitch where you fly through planets when warping around.

Sound 5
i had some fun pissing around with the jukebox, but this got boring after a while and itunes took over.

Value for Money 8
only from my experience, but doesnt seem all that to me. then again, other people love the damn game and you cant complain if you get a 14 day trial for free.

Overall Score = 29 / 72.5%

so it stands so far:
1. 77.5% Navyfield
2. 72.5% Eve Online

stay tuned for more in the future!