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witthaus avatar 1:14 PM on 11.12.2007
Rock Band Parties

Well, as I am sure that most of us are anticipating the release of Rock band next Tuesday, I for one am super excited not only for the game but the parties that will ensue shortly after. Beer, music, babes, more beer and incriminating photos are a definite and I fucking love it. School is pressing in and this is one of the last hoo-rahs before the holiday break so I plan on making it count. I plan on posting many of the photos from my party right here in a new blog sometime next week (day after Thanksgiving?) So, I was wondering if anyone else was planning on having a Rock band shindig next week ,also?

If so, please feel free to throw in any comments...possibly about re-arranging your living room to look like the local dive where Sick Of It All sets it off. My place is most likely gonna get destroyed, but I can't wait.

Let's hear it folks, where's the party at?

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