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witthaus avatar 11:43 AM on 09.24.2007  (server time)
My very first blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 Also, my boss is retarded

So I finally get the time to sit down and rant about something video game related. I personally enjoy talking about games and the issues surrounding games, namely the effect they have on society and how they progress/push the boundaries over time. I feel that video games are becoming a vital part of not only American culture, but in several societies around the world. The internets are bringing us closer together and the PSN and XBOX LIVE are keeping friends in touch on a daily basis.

However, some people still don't understand the importance or social meaning that video games hold for most of us. One of these people happen to be my boss. I work at a video game store that could best be compared to a Slackers (for those of you in the Midwest, you know what I am talking about). I will not mention the name of my establishment because I feel it is only fair to rant about my bosses' horrible business decisions if I grant him the honor of keeping his businesses' name anonymous. Anyways, now that the stage is set, I need to explain something about my boss.

This guy is stuck on the profitable markets that 2004 presented. All he ever talks about is how good the holiday season was that year and how much the video game industry has let him down since. This is where I begin to see the problem, personally. Let me cite a little game called Bioshock, arguably the best thing since sliced bread. Granted, people have their opinions on first-person shooters and the way they play, but I find it hard for anyone to outright deny the fact that this game has gorgeous graphics and operates quite differently than most FPS. And as far as I know, Bioshock is selling rather fairly. Now, re-enter my boss. Direct quote when I inquired about the shipment of Bioshock we'd be receiving: "No one has asked about that game. And frankly, it looks pretty stupid."

And that folks, is the mindset and mentality of where I work. Now you'd think when they finally decided to sample ONE copy on our shelves and it then sold immediately upon opening that he'd get the picture. However, since Bioshock's release on August 21st, we have only received and sold that sole copy. Now I could go on and on with this and cite many examples, but what I really wanted to know is if anyone had a boss sort of like this; whether it be in the video game biz or any sort of retail.

To clarify a little more, here is a list of games that my boss feels are "dumb" and/or not worth our time:

Sports games in general (we didn't order Madden 08 this year for god's sake)
Guitar Hero 2 Bundles
Odin Sphere
Resident Evil 4 (Wii Edition)
Any decent DS game (he sticks with cheap puzzlers and Brain Age)
and the list could go on forever...

So please leave some comments and let me know if there are more crazy people like this out there or if it is just my horrible situation.

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