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5:48 AM on 08.30.2012

Wintersault's Videogame Ideas #2

Hi guys, I'm back with another videogame idea!

#2 Sky Pirates and Vikings

Inspiration: Zelda Skyward Sword, Grand Theft Auto, Bioshock Infinite, Castle in the Sky, Minecraft.


You start in the tutorial inside a jungle or some other wilderness. In third person Zelda-esque gameplay, the game directs you how to fight off creeps and collect treasure and resources. Eventually the tutorial leads you to the edge of your starting zone where you will notice that you are on a floating island in the sky. The game will open up a construction mode where, using the resources you have gathered in the tutorial, you will be instructed to create your own custom sky-raft. This will allow you to explore the world - an endless sky. The game's story will be something along the lines of an ancient warlock tricked the creator of the universe into taking a cosmic drug. Trapped in a psychedelic stupor, the creator has replaced the universe with an infinite sky, creating and destroying seemingly at random.


Resources enter the game world through sky islands that violently grow out of nowhere. By collecting resources on these sky islands you can further customize your skyship, eventually creating a monstrous battleship if you wish. The game will be open world with other players vying for the resources on the sky islands. Other players will automatically be hostile unless you decide to create a guild with them. The gameplay will not only be about looting new sky islands, but attacking other skyships. By evacuating or slaying the occupants of another skyship, you gain access to the resources that built it. You could choose to strip down the ship for its net resources, rearrange it or simply leave it as it is. A lazy player may simply graft the ship onto their own.

By guilding up players enjoy rewards for their cooperation. They might more safely loot sky islands, as one player stays back to watch a ship, or more successfully attack other ships - one man aiming a cannon while another glides across (or a myriad of other attack strategies limited only by the player's imagination). An extremely successful guild might gather so much resources that they are able to build an entire city in the sky as large as their wealth allows (or in the case of a lazy guild, hundreds of captured ships strung together). Players might even create a skyship so large it effectively operates as a city.

End Game:

The more successful a player or guild is, the greater the bounty is on their head and the more visible they appear on the map(the richest pirates will be constantly visible on the radar for all). In addition to the natural risk/reward of attacking and claiming ships - this bounty system will provide an incentive for attacking the most powerful players. The game will have an RPG-like form of character progression. However it will be a light level-power curve, so that the most skilled player will stand a good chance against an unskilled but 'high level' player. The levelling will be based on the real estate you have crafted. For example you might designate a large part of the city you have built to gunpowder, which will provide your character with more powerful pistols and automatic cannons for your ships. You might create a large ship building bay, within which you can more craft more skyship for less resource. The game will reward conflict and creation in equal measure.

There's lots of other possibilities in such a title (maybe PVE against giant flying monsters in a fleet of your skyships), but these cover the general premise.

Thanks for reading, and please share any thoughts/comments in the comment section :).   read

10:01 PM on 08.29.2012

Wintersault's Videogame Ddeas

#1: Guides

I got the idea for this one from DayZ and Limbo. The whole game takes place in an underground cavern (maybe about half the size of DayZ's map). Its a huge cavern though, with 100 or so people a server. You spawn in groups of 2, making up your team.

Basic Gameplay:
One of you has a flashlight, the other has a knife.

The world is completely pitch black except where your alley flashes their flashlight.

You get money from killing other players, allowing you to buy vehicles and better weapons and flashlights for you and your companion. For instance the flashlight carrier might be able to get flashlight grenades that illuminate areas for awhile (or even a darkness grenade). The pitch black mechanic acts on the idea of two distinct gameplay types. The flashlight player manages the light and darkness and the knife player practices stealth.

Incentives for progession:
You can construct forts and mazes to help outsmart other teams. You can create farming nodes that give you x money over time but they will appear on the map to all other players who will get a bonus for destroying the nodes protectors. The game will randomally generate objectives (for bonus rewards) designed to pit players against one another. For instance a treasure chest might appear on the map for everyone or an area of the cavern might start to fill up with lava, forcing players towards other players.

That's my first videogame idea! Stay tuned for more videogame ideas. [img]   read

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