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winojesus avatar 4:25 PM on 02.05.2008  (server time)
got lost odyssey today. first impressions.

Well it finally arrived from those lovely cherubs at play-asia. And though i may only be
sniffing the veneer of the impressively bulky four disks it seems to be scratching an itch
that, until this point in its history , microsoft has deemed to leave unscratched.

It seems like a good JRPG on a microsoft console.

And while i'm not the biggest JRPG fan this really does seem to hearken back to the days
when i was a fresh drop out stoner with too much time on my hands and a shit load of ps1
final fantasies infront of me.

I know that Eternal sonata has its fans, but i felt compelled to escape from that particurlar
pederast fantasy a few hours in. Blue dragon seemed even worse, a pale imitation of a
franchise i still don't get the appeal of ( Dragon Quest grinding always felt like something i
should have been receiving minimum wage for).

So fuck it, i won't keep you guys here too long.

It looks great, the CGI to gameplay switch early in the game is bag emptyingly nice.

Whatever the fuck you call the composer, noburafuckin something, seems to have provided
a good if , up until this point, fairly unspiring, workmanlike score. It seems like it could take
off though ( the FF alike celebration theme is a comedic joy to behold, sounding for all the
world like a pregnant chick vomiting through a harmonica)

I kind of already care about the story.

The battle system seems fairly enjoyable, and random encounters don't have me gritting
my teeth in utter despair at their crushing inevitability.

So, as you can tell i'm no expert, not even a huge fan, but this looks like it is the first JRPG
i will play through since FFX.

unless you count yakuza.

which you should.

now fuck off.

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