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10:50 PM on 10.28.2012

I hope all of the readers out there love Borderlands as much as I do. Borderlands 2 is a sandbox style game with great graphics, millions of different weapons and character mods. This means that each character can be customized with skin packs, weaponry, and skills. I love that about this game because if you have a player thatís cool and you like, you will play the game for a long time. As updates and DLC come out, youíll want to get it to make your player better. When your player levels up, you earn a skill point allowing your player to gain cool skills which help you and or your team. Four player experience is added to be played over Xbox Live, PlayStation Network or Steam. Players can clear missions, trade items with friends, and put their skills to the test by dueling over items. There is a four round DLC (which is ten dollars per DLC or thirty for the season pass) with a new class called Mechromancer and the expansion pack of Captain Scarlett and her Pirates Booty. Those are the two that have been released officially. The third is called Mr. Torgues Campaign of Carnage which was leaked in the newest update for the game that added the new trophies pack which unofficially announced it.

I believe 2k and Gearbox has outdone it self with Borderlands 2. Gearbox, in general, has always been good about launching DLC on time, and with this game, they released the DLCís earlier than expected. I assume this is probably because they were creating the DLCís while creating the game instead of at its conception. This is shown in Mr.Torgues Campaign of Carnage. Some sources have said this to be a ten hour expansion campaign that Gearbox announced they were to make after the release of borderlands 2.