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    It's not much, but it's a start. Please like, subscribe but most of all enjoy, thanks to the D-toid Community for all my fun in the past and I hope you follow me on this new journey ;)
    And i'll still be here posting reviews from time to time, hopefully moving to video reviews soon aswell, so if anyone has any tips/advice please voice them as I'd love to know what people want to see.
    Thanks Fred ;)

    Primal Carnage is a very simple game at it’s heart, it is simply a game that places Man against Dinosaur in some sort of bloodbath deathmatch to find out who is the most dangerous species and as such is incredibly fun & frustrating.

    In Primal Carnage there are the 2 sides fighting in there ever stretching battle of who kicks more arse. On the Human side you have a choice of several classes each with their own gun & perks;

    The Commando – A military vet equipped with an Assault Rifle with attached Grenade Launcher, this allows for large explosions and high fire rate to take down those particularly more grueling enemies.

    The Scientist – An expert marksman equipped with a Sniper Rifle for those hard to reach targets, a Dart gun which makes the opponent drowsy & therefore harder to control & finally a Cattle prod which is used to jolt any close up Dino’s (this reduces their stamina).

    The Pathfinder – A survival expert armed to the teeth with a high powered Shotgun to dispatch close up enemies, Flares to blind the dinosaurs of your true position and finally a Machete to cut deep into the dinosaurs hard flesh and bring them to a final stop.

    The Trapper – A BIG game hunter with a large Netgun to immoblise the smaller dinosaurs and hinder the larger, Dual Pistols both of which have a powerful kick to them and to sort out those up close to him a Hunting Knife.

    The Pyromaniac – A mad Scotsman armed with the powerful Flamethrower/Chainsaw mix (imagine the Gears of War Lancer but instead of bullets helpful flames sprout forth), this is good for damage over time as you set fire to dinosaurs and see a collection of flames run away, and finally a Grenade just to blow those particularly resilient dinos sky high.

    Dinosaurs also have their 5 choices too which we’ll run through now;
    The Tyrannosaurus – A huge beast of a creature and king of the dinos, he is able to Bite (by which I mean swallow whole) humans, but due to the size of this goliath he is also able to Trample humans (you try keeping your form with 10 tons of teeth & muscle on top of you) and finally he has the ability to Roar – this riles up nearby allies to give them adrenaline boosts making them even more deadly.

    The Nova Raptor – My personal favourite, this is a pack hunter & fast hitter who can easily run in bite and scamper off quick as anything, they have the ability to Bite & Slash a very simple attack style but combined with it’s speed it can prove very deadly, also a wonderful move it has to pick off the lonely targets is Pounce here the Nova leaps onto a foe and pins them to the ground whilst ripping out the opponents throat (gruesome huh?), finally the Nova has a skill called Frenzy here the Nova sacrifices speed for pure strength making them slower but ridiculously powerful – beware!

    The Dilophosaurus – An ambusher, this Dino has the benefit of being venemous, its Bite injects poison into the victim, also their Spit has the ability to burn skin and blind the enemy making this Dino very capable of quickly blinding you and then poisoning you, finally it has the ability Roar which allows it to concentrate its internal poison making it able to perform long range Spits for a period of time.

    The Pteranodon – Similar to a Pterodactyl in appearance it takes to the sky and watches for luls in the enemies defence it has the ability to Peck, here it’ll swoop down and use its large beak to cause some serious damage, however this is nothing compared to their more popular move Grab which is where it will swoop down upon a victim and fly off with them to drop the human to their death (beware of ledges as these are prime  area’s for hunting), finally it can Screech which will mark humans on the map to other dinosaurs no matter where they are – you’ve just been made a huge target.

    The Carnotaurus – A big, mean & unstoppable force of nature the Carnotaurus can Charge which means it will run through everything at full speed destroying anything in its path, it can also Head Swing, here it uses the power of its full body to swing its head and knock people flying and finally it has the ability of Ravenous Roar where it sacrifices its raw damage of Charging for the chance to take out parts of enemies whilst passing them and restoring it’s own strength.

    Those are the 2 sides, as well as their own attacks the 2 sides are also differentiated in the things available to them. Both Humans and Dinosaurs run off of health, however Humans have Ammo and both of these traits are replenished at crates (first aid/ammo) however Dinosaurs have energy which allows them to perform some of their attacks e.g. the Nova Raptors Pounce, energy is gained back over time but health is refilled at feeding areas – this is where the Dinosaurs eat from carcasses of other Dinosaurs. All classes no matter if they’re Dino or Human feel very balanced against a couple of the opposing force, e.g. Commandos feel balanced against T-Rexs however Commandos aren’t great against Nova Raptors as they are able to dart about so quickly.

    So that is the 2 sides, now lets look more at the other parts of the game.
    The game has 2 game styles at the moment Deathmatch (first to 100 kills or most within I think 10 minutes) however due to recent DLC the game also has a game mode called Get To the Choppa this is a new objective based game mode, you might have to capture an area, unjam the radio tower etc. until finally you have to only wait for the helicopter to come save you, the Dinosaurs must stop the Humans completing any objectives and must wait out the clock, however when Humans do complete an objective time is added on making it harder on the Dinosaurs to keep up their defences for as long (This DLC also game with 4 new maps & a new Dinosaur the Spinosaurus).

    The base game of Primal Carnage has 5 quite large open environment maps which have perks for both Dinosaurs & Humans – who will use them to their best however is up to you. On the Human side you play first person however as a Dinosaur you have a third person play style.

    Overall Primal Carnage is a great game especially with a friend or 2, games can consist of very large teams each side and with Community driven development and hopefully even more DLC coming Primal Carnage is a great indie multiplayer game worth playing for several hours and to blow off some steam. So go check it out play as a gun-toting Human or ravenous Dinosaur and have fun

    Thanks for reading
    Primal Carnage 7/10
    Please feel free to check out Willza99 at wordpress for more reviews, thanks again.

    To say Tomb Raider is brutal would be like saying Hitler wasn’t caring. Set in the Dragons Triangle (South Japan) you play out the origin story of the badass we all love Lara Croft, only she’s not quite the awesome Lara most will know her for. Thats a far cry, you play the young hopeful archaeologist Lara Croft, which gives the game this bitter sweet flavour to it – I want to be that badass Lara I knew when I was young…. but she’s going to have to be beaten to a pulp first (very cruel to be kind).

    As the bright eyed, eager and clean behind the ears Lara starts out she’s on a boat, but that won’t last long, its unfortunate you can’t play the opening scene as I feel it would certainly help give some panic to the game and disorientate players as they try to flee and now sinking vessel as well as learn to get to grips with the world of Tomb Raider, unfortunately this isn’t the case. That isn’t to say however you miss out, whilst Lara fights to reach the shore you are able to admire the beauty that surrounds you which is a brilliant dynamic that I feel never ends as each new area in the game feels very different but also at home and just in the right place.

    Looking at story I’m actually very happy & always intrigued. Given Lara is an archeologist many of the things she was originally trying to find before `you` arrived are shrouded in legend and myth which does lead to some very interesting questions you’ll end up asking, such as “holy hell what’s that batman?!”.

    As well as the Myth and curiosity side of Tomb Raider there is Lara’s own progression which as I already said is brutal. Lara can die in well over 100 ways I bet and the cinematic ones (as opposed to you falling off a cliff for whatever reason – you saw something shiny, took acid and thought you could fly, whatever it is) are particularly gruesome what with pikes being thrust through Lara’s Jaw and up up up through her skull all the way to being caught in a cave where a boulder is going to squish her spine like a boot does an Ant. Lara’s journey is one about realising who she is and what she is capable of and most definitely what she can take on (To everyone who said its sexist and the Dev’s just want to see Lara in pain – you’re the one not finishing the game and making Lara the victor, the badass, the legend). Seriously though as someone who thought they could take gruesome images – virtual ones made me squirm in my chair and be determined to beat the game.

    Looking at the story of the island and not so much Lara, I eventually got a sense of being almost in Lost (which subsequently made me decide to pick up from Season 4 and finish the blasted series). You are not the only inhabitants of this Island. There are `others`, these others initially cast a new look at the game, who can you trust? which quickly is answered by gunfire – so not them. The others are a cult of some sort lead by a Father Mathias – you’ll find many paintings over the island on rock faces (some just to help you) that are creepy – “Fear the demons”, “Father Mathias set us free”, “The storm is watching”. These messages feed the idea of myths and legends, some sort of cult and also a sense of being stranded even more than you realise with that last one, add in the games very good soundtrack that creates the feeling of unease very well and the smallest sound will freak you out – the game in quite a clever manner always seems `too quiet` in that hollywood sense of “I’m going to get jumped any second by something”.
    If you do find yourself enjoying the story of the island I implore you to search for the relics hidden in each area (documents from periods of time & items from the eras) all of which add a layer of extra unease of that the Island is `aware`.

    Tomb Raider really does have a lot going for it in terms of story, in terms of gameplay apart from being pulverised Lara will as time goes on gain access to some very useful pieces of kit, my favourite of which is the bow – she does get a pistol but not the dual ones that seem iconic with the TR brand.

    These new pieces of kit make combat easier & also allow you to traverse the island to larger and larger degrees and allow you to go back and collect what you may have missed – which can be annoying but the game quite awesomely links up previous area’s at times, so that Camp you came across 2 camps ago, is only 1 minute from the one you’ve just found. This is a nice addition to a game that has the mechanic of “go back and explore” as they make it easy on the player which not many games do.
    Upgrades for your gear is found through story and also through something called Salvage which can be gained through crates, animals & others (providing you have certain skill points), you collect salvage and when you have enough you can improve your pistol/rifle/shotgun/bow at camp. Upgrades are relatively bog standard for the most part – larger mags, higher accuracy at longer ranges etc.

    You can also upgrade Lara through Skill Points which can be spent in 3 areas Survivor (focusing on extra xp & loot from kills), Hunter (better adapt and dealing with guns) and Brawler (looking at things like taking higher amounts of damage).
    Both Skill Points and Upgrades are done at Camp. Camps are found throughout the game and generally define an area (i.e. 1 per area almost), here you can upgrade gear and Lara, Lara can record her journal and also you may fast travel between camps (not always necessary as the map does link up with previous camps as I said above).

    Moving away from Camp, each Area in the game as well as having Relics/Documents also has challenges – light all 10 statues, break 6 lamps etc. This does mean that each new area can seem daunting as there are many collectibles, there are the challenges and also the actual story, so it can be a bit uncertain at first as to if you have found everything. Luckily however Lara has `Environmental Awareness`, this means that a tap of the Left Bumper (or whatever key) will instantly highlight areas of importance (and items given the right skill points) and have you quickly back on the right path which is very helpful as the game continues.

    Finally fighting in Tomb Raider is fine and flows quite well, however when in cutscenes Tomb Raider decided to use Quick Time Events which always have me on edge. However they are used few and far between, at appropriate moments and without having to mash a button faster than Usain Bolt running the 100m. My only qualm with the QTEs in this game is that they are all the same button which does mean instead of being surprised by a random `B` or `X` I just have to time hitting `Y` and its just not as immersive.

    Overall Tomb Raider is a great game and a welcome return to magnificent form, a must buy for everyone (especially with the Steam Sale imminent), the story feels like legends stepping out of a book and Lara finding her feet through blow after blow.
    Truly enough good things can’t be said about the game.
    Thank you so much for reading

    Tomb Raider – 9/10
    Please feel free to check out Willza99 at Wordpress for more reviews, thank you again.

    Remember Me is an awesome linear story set in Neo-Paris in the future where memories have been commoditised and can be shared with everyone. You play Nilin a memory hunter whose hunting her own memories as she’s been `wiped`.
    The game starts out with an advertisement for a Sensen, this is the tool that lets people remember every single event in your past and that of others who are willing to share theirs. You wake up in this horribly white and medicinally clean setting that gives it an uneasy vibe already. Your first task; Escape.

    The general game has a look & feel of the most recent Deus Ex with Total Recall thrown in especially given the memory angle. So the population of Neo-Paris has become addicted to their Sensens – understandable I think, depressives will wallow and replay the events that put them there and those who are truly happy may become obsessed with chasing previous feelings.
    So in this 2084 future you have to find out who you truly are. Once you finish your fist task there is a news flash talking of your epic departure but seeing as you and your character are both being reintroduced to this world its unsettling to see this news flash describe you as a terrorist. Just who is Nilin? Who are you?

    In terms of gameplay Remember Me is a mixed bag that comes out surprisingly enjoyable. In terms of fighting you’ll have to deal with hand-to-hand for the entirety of the game which is refreshing given the industry’s simple and easy power-fantasy fascination with guns. Nilin is incredibly acrobatic with her fighting style (imagine maybe Batman’s Arkham Series). Also as you fight an awesome soundtrack kicks in which you may not notice at first but is quite catchy – I was trying to get in fights just to hear the song by the end.
    As your memory comes back so does your fighting abilities which ties in nicely to gameplay & story. This takes shape in Nilin remembering different combo lay outs and some fantastic special maneuvers.  One really fun part of the combos Nilin remembers is that you’ll only ever remember 4 (which is sucky at first) however what makes them to the core awesome is that they are customisable. This means that the combo set maybe XXX or XYYXYY but Nilin has `Pressens`, Pressens are different punches/kicks meaning that any combo you remember you can then choreograph which is incredibly refreshing and lets you change up gameplay to how you want it. Remember however that at times it is very hard to pull off the longer combos which does create a level of frustration as you desperately try to land that last punch only to be hit off balance at the last second.

    Pressens allow you to choreograph a combo but there’s a little more to it than that. Pressens can take on 4 different types – Damage, Regen, Cooldown & Linked. Damage Pressens allow for heavier damage to foes, Regen Pressens allow for you to regain health that may be lost in combat (maybe not sensible but makes the game compact and forces you to change fighting to what you need), Cooldown Pressens reduce the cooldown time of Nilins specials moves (though even when at 0 you need `Focus` to execute these moves), and finally Link Pressens are merely a multiplier for the previous move so if the previous Pressen was a damage one then it does double damage, if a regen you get double health back etc.

    Pressens are unlocked by buying them with PMP (procedural mastering points) which you gain from fighting. You’ll need to unlock Pressens if you want to have several combos as a Pressen can only be used in one combo at a time.
    As you run & climb around Neo-Paris you’ll find patches for either Health, or Focus or even that just add some extra information about the world around you. What is cool about these patches is that tiny screens pop up around the world with a picture of where the patch is located and you have to find it based solely on that.
    One thing that was slightly annoying however about exploring what little there was to explore (the game is very linear) is that the camera handling is quite old school, so its not always 3rd person, you may round a corner and now you have to deal with an aerial camera, its a minor thing but personally its abit annoying.

    Since Remember Me is based heavily around memories, your own and that of others, they added a very cool mechanic that is employed via story and not choice but that is the `Memory Remix`. This is where you go into an enemies mind, watch how they remember a scene then rewind through it altering data to make them think something else happened due to the changes you’ve made – As cool as this mechanic is, it does result in some tragic consequences made all the worse by the fact you HAVE to do it to progress the story, but if you can feel that then it shows some powerful story telling at play, so take with one hand and give with another.

    Talking about the writing however, in places it does seem strange. There is admittedly good voice acting as you can feel the exasperation that is displayed in Nilin as she desperately tries to recover `herself` but still some bits seem odd and probably should have been changed for instance you are displayed as a terrorist by the news and those you fight, however they call you Errorists which just felt a little sloppy in terms of writing.

    In cutscenes Nilin reflects on what has happened in her mission and deals with the consequences of how that makes her feel. These cutscenes are set in this weird mindscape where there are disjointed blocks that float up to support her feet. It is a great layout and one that had me clamouring to just be able to walk around in it for a minute. To give an example of how it feels imagine being in Assassins Creed Animus but the floor moves like it would in Bastion.

    Overall Remember Me despite its limitations is a fantastic game and one I definitely recommend playing. There are several quite philosophical things I took away from it as well. As the game revolves around memory and you have the ability to change minor things and major things in those memories – Did things happen the way you remember them?
    If you had your entire memory wiped away but gained it back would you arrive at the same conclusions you did before or would you look back at yourself in distust with how you acted?
    However at its heart I think Remember Me is about remembering what is important which is family, friends and that things should be remembered and not forgotten even in the most painful of thoughts.

    Remember Me 8/10
    Thanks for reading, please feel free to check out willza99 at wordpress for more reviews. Thank you.

    So it’s been awhile and that’s mainly due to University exams, I’m finally FREE! I thought I’d have an amazing day, finish exams, chill with friends watch Game Of Thrones S3E9…. yea, didn’t got as planned that one.

    Anywho Sleeping Dogs, I’ve been sitting on this review for a while due to my workload of revision which like most students was abused and abandoned for minor acts of fun that weren’t all too fun anyway.
    You play as Wei Shen a police officer moved to Hong Kong to try and bring down a Triad Gang – The Sun On Yee. The way the artistic designers represented Hong Kong was brilliant. As someone whose been and visited it, playing Sleeping Dogs did have familiar feels to it and even certain larger important buildings were replicas of the ones in real life which just adds to the touristic enjoyment you gain from wandering the Neon bathed sidewalks of the hustling & bustling city. The city is split up into section such as Central, Aberdeen and so on, each has a different feel to it making it quite obvious you’re in a different territory of HK but with subtle transitions from one to the next.

    In terms of story you have a mysterious past constantly hinted at but never truely ever discussed in depth which is a pain, almost as if the writers are saying “I know something you don’t know” in some childish sing-songy way.
    You get into the Triads via an old friend Jackie (not Chan) who playing the stereotypical 2nd fidel to your Main Character role i.e. shit never goes his way and he just seems like a dude who made one too many unfortunate mistakes.
    The Triads themselves have honour and conduct themselves well between each other, although you never see this, the main problem is with 2 role poles, or colonel if you prefer, one whom you work for and the other an old friend of your boss. This too is filled with many cliches and also many tropes filled out in a very similar fashion you’ll probably be used to.

    However when it comes to gameplay this game really has some stuff going for it. I really enjoy it as the majority is entirely hand to hand combat, you don’t pick up a gun until about 2 hours into the game and you don’t even realise it as the Martial Arts you know are so fun and simple to weave together. With the options of some gruesome environmental kills or just plain beating the shit out of your aggressor hand-to-hand never really gets old which is appreciated as so many games can get repetitive and thus boring (Assassins Creed!).
    You can improve your melee combat and training by being a good triad (killing people in increasingly inventive inhuman ways) & by collecting Jade statues of your old Martial Arts instructor. Being a good triad is a little more complex than just finding statues however. You’re awarded points at the end of missions based on: how badass you were (triad points) and how moral you were (police), so you’re being judged on two fronts at either ends of the spectrum which is a pain in all honesty – especially as crashing whilst driving detracts from police score.
    Police upgrades however focus instead of on the art of hand to hand combat, steady aim, weapon handling and the like which is slightly worrying as I felt more pushed toward being a Triad as essentially near no-one owns a gun. So overall the upgrading system seems sort of flawed and unbalanced which is a shame.

    As with most big games such as this it does have its fair share of side missions – doing drug busts for the police (which can actually be really fun), but then there’s the bog standard and boring Racing. Sleeping Dogs does add in some new stuff, one was cock-fights which I didn’t bother seeing as it seemed a crappy idea, the other however was fight club (yes i just broke the first 2 rules). You face waves of increasing number of foes and all you have is your martial arts to defend you until the end, these are very fun and help you build up your face value (another annoying level based attribute which doesn’t really get you much).

    Sleeping Dogs does have a lot of minor things that work in its favour which make it just that slight bit more immersive or fun, such as walking down a market street there are plenty of opportunities flashing up to buy food/drink that will provide a buff to Wei, it’s slightly funny as it does almost create the feel of being harassed as if you were actually walking down these very busy streets in HK.
    Other things like Taxi cabs (which are the selected form of fast travel much like GTA 4) being the correct colour based on their location i.e. Red is Central and Easter, Green is more like Aberdeen and Southern almost etc. These tiny things many developers & designers over look but when you’re in game and it reminds the player of a similar experience then it is truly appreciated that much more.
    Another more funny thing is the reverse side of racism I noticed at only like 2 points. As a white dude I’ve had it easy and I get that, however hearing Wei say at one point in the game “If my mom caught me with a Whitey, she’d kill me”, it just made me laugh. I loved the idea of seeing prejudice from the otherside.

    Despite the eye for detail and some funny bits of writing here and there, it doesn’t mean Sleeping Dogs is a perfect game by any stretch. Even though you don’t use a gun all that much they feel very clunky however they do have a Stranglehold-esque mechanic (if you ever played that game) where by when you vault over furniture you go into slow mo everytime.
    Wei seems to have nightmares akin to that I’d expect of a Hollywood version of a Vietnam Vet which is quite cheesy and at some points just ill fitting seeing as nothing major happened. There are major things in the script he could have nightmares about (and one I did actually find quite scarey toward the end) but no it starts out small and grows.
    Another piece of just slightly annoying writing would be the nicknames given to some of the heads in the Sun On Yee, names like Big Smile Lee, Two Chin & Pockmark. Those are distinguishing features and make for stupid nicknames overtime and they do begin to grate as you continue to play the story.

    Overall I think I would give Sleeping Dogs a 7/10. Sure its not great and the writing is just plain odd in certain places, but game mechanics and artistic design make up for it quite well. At times it did feel like being a tourist in Hong Kong again and for that it has a little bit more value personally.
    Thanks for Reading, please feel free to check out Willza99 and wordpress for more reviews and rants, thank you so much :)

    When I was growing up, I remember playing alot of simulation games where you’d create either a hospital, a theme park, a zoo, you name it there was a `Tycoon` game for it. Now a new indie game has come out of the wood work and brought back such fun memories of said childhood. This is Game Dev Tycoon.
    Game Dev Tycoon starts you out small, working from your garage with 70K, no fans and little knowledge of what is to come. You start somewhat 30 years back in time to when games were mostly texted based or simple 2d pixel graphics. So what is your first port of call? Well seeing as its in the title how about making a game. You have several choices at first which can be expanded upon later on, but for now you can choose from a couple of Topics, such as Military, a Genre say Action, and then a Platform so PC or the Gommadore (Yes, Gommadore, not Comm. This is one of the minor fun elements of humour spread through the game that you’ll see often e.g. Vonny and their DreamVast). So you have your basis for the game, now to go through the 3 stages of development.

    In the 3 stages of development you’re going to have to decide what you should dedicate your time toward most on 3 occasions, is Gameplay the most important? What about the Engine or maybe Sound? Admittedly there is a huge layer of abstraction here as its never that simple in real life but still its fun. As you develop your game you’ll gain points for Design, Technology and Research which helps you to do more in the future e.g. new topics or even improved game engines. However its not so easy as you may get bugs in your code, but no worries they can be removed at the end of the process.

    I’m not going to walk you through the whole process but from there your game goes on sale and you gain revenue maybe some fans and you get reviews (….how the tables have turned GreenHeart  ;). These reviews will provide a bench mark for how well you may do when the game goes on sale. Unfortunately it can be very hard and at times frustrating when you feel like the combination is perfect and still you’re getting values of 4-6. I would love to see how the game interprets what is a perfect mix given certain Topics and Genres as you do find yourself to be quite annoyed considering the `work` you put into your game.
    Still though I feel its fair, not all games can be blockbusters and it does give you a sense of what it’s really like to be a developer (I may change my career path depending how bad i do next playthrough).

    The first I actually heard about this game was due to the issue around Piracy an issue that you can actually face in the game and in the *ahem* `game`, If you do go for the 2nd option there, I’d advise you to please choose the 1st as it is a good game, anyway.
    GreenHeart Games had a great idea as to how to tackle piracy on a certain level, along with the released correct game, they put out their own version with a couple of extra bits of code where by when you get towards completion on your game, it gets pirated and you lose your money and receive no fans. A brilliant concept and made all the more funny when `pirates` were coming for help saying that their game was pirated. A great move on GreenHeart’s part but I imagine a frustrating one as well.

    Another funny moment in the game, and I’m not sure if I want this to be true always or just a coincidence is when I tried to get the achievement where you develop the game inside the game. I got 2 10s and 2 9s. Had myself a good chuckle at that, this is what I love about the game, it minorly teaches you about some of the stuff you face being a developer (and as someone looking to go toward it I’m using it like a crystal ball for what I’ll have to face), it has some nice artwork that reminds me of Theme Hospital when I was a child and it has some funny moments to it and nothing quite beats the feeling of getting a 10 on a review.

    So as you progress in the game you get more options open to you and you have to deal with consoles and their licenses, hiring and training Staff, dealing with publishers etc.
    So far on my 2 playthroughs I managed to get to my nice office (admittedly I wish I was able to design the place, but no matter) but unfortunately went bankrupt, and as annoying and upsetting as that is you do learn a little more each time e.g. What training schemes help certain attributes, what is important for certain game types, how to respond to Industry reports (e.g. RPG games are really big right now) and so on.

    Ultimately this game allows you to create any game you want and let you put emphasis where you feel its needed. Unfortunately however that doesn’t mean it will be good, in the real world I believe any combination can work with the right amount of work, but it doesn’t always seem that way in this game.

    However this is an indie game and you can only expect so much from it. My honest opinion is that you should try the demo (http://www.greenheartgames.com/game-dev-tycoon-downloads/) I did and after half an hour bought the game, my original plan was to wait for it to be on Steams Green Light but you should support developers and this is a game definitely worth playing. The devs themselves add in little messages when you buy the game to say thank you and it is a nice heart warming touch.

    I can’t stress this enough but please buy this game, it is fun and it is worth every penny. Game Dev Tycoon 9/10, Thanks for Reading and as always please feel free to check out http://willza99.wordpress.com/ for more of my reviews, thank you :)

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