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11:55 PM on 08.31.2009

Just a small concern really..

Doesn't the sudden emergence of this whole avatar fad seem a bit band-waggonish to anyone? I mean the WIi had the Mii's, 360 has Avatars, and now the PS3 is starting to follow suit. Is it really necessary for all users to have an avatar? Is it just a way for people to create an image that they would like to be perceived as or is actually the perception of ourselves. Maybe I'm just overthinking it all haha.   read

10:53 AM on 08.30.2009

Summer Time Doldrums

So Summer's almost over, it's back to the books for most of us. The worst part was that the gaming drought this summer was possibly one of the worst droughts I've ever experienced. I mean the only game that came out worth playing was Shadow Complex and Arkham Asylum... and those came out at the end of summer!! At least their will be plenty of games coming out a during the holiday season. Namely: ODST, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, NBA 2K10, and possibly AC. Good thing I worked over the summer or else my pockets would be empty by the time summer rolls around. The end of summer is always a sad one, freedom is over, back to studying, old friends moving away again. At least gaming is a little hope that makes everything a bit better :D   read

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