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12:59 PM on 02.12.2010

Not sure whether i'l blog consistantly yet, but here's a start at least.

Every popular RPG is dumbing down RPG elements to make non-RPG players feel at home, while people that are not retarded are spoonfed RPG moresels.


I felt this soon after playing Mass Effect 2 and had my gripes with the game and after hearing the Fable 3 news about health regen im certain this will be a trend in future RPGs.

So apparently people who play games are incapable of comparing stats, stats in general, numbers, loot, healing themselves in-game and even breathing. To combat this developers are taking aspects from action/shooting games so the experience is more likened to that of an action/shooting game.

The thing is, i dont buy RPGs because i feel like playing an action/shooting game, funnily enough. I have MW2 and if i feel like having some brain numbing fun i will dust it off and play it, i do not want it influencing my other games.

Anyways this is the future.

Demon's Souls 2 cover system confirmed - if this happens, i called it first

Editor's note?: It appears I've said all i have to say and cannot contruct a passable blog post, i would like to say i will get better in time but in all honesty i probably wont as i am half retarded.