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whormongr avatar 3:05 PM on 09.25.2009  (server time)
DJ Star.

As many of you may have heard me whine about many times (but prolly didn't notice that it was me whining) I hate rhythm games and I hate music games. I feel that they tend to water down the aspects of making music, I feel that they lack imagination but most of all being an electronic musician as well as playing piano, guitar, bass, drums having taught post graduate engineering and sound design and having spent years residenting at a number of clubs spinning vinyl, cd and on my laptop I can see how lazy it is to produce a game like guitar hero or rock band when there is so much that you can do with the power of software and hardware and how much of a cop out it is to condescend to the consumer by breaking music down to a glorified whack a mole game.
So today I got my hands on this:

I first thought it would be an amusing look at how they can water down another genre, but then I started playing (I only played the first level so far) and was truly impressed by the game
so far your game looks somewhat like this"

for those of you that have used traktor or red or vdj (which is my favorite because you can pump it with vsts) you will see that it is pretty simple but familiar, but the game plays like an actual piece of dj software. the goal of the game isn't to hit things on beat or scratch or what have you, it is to beatmatch and keep the floor packed by correctly beatmatching.
I am actually looking forward to unlocking the other modes since there are supposedly scratch competitions and sample and track creations and such and I can truly say that for the first time I am not playing a music game that feels like it is talking down to me.
that is all for now, but I haven't heard anyone say anything about the game so I thought it was worth mentioning.

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