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whormongr's blog

1:00 AM on 05.16.2011

you know what is lame.....

PSN goes back up, cool... got portal 2 as an early birthday present... great - someone generated the damned steam code and I may never get my copy for PC.... THAT is fucking lame. Honestly this is my problem with the conce...   read

6:00 PM on 06.11.2010

farmville and 7-11- a match made.. somewhere ending in -ville

today while in a 7-11 (which I do rarely as there aren't many here in San Francisco) I was amused to find something staring me in the face I don't know how widespread this promotion is or that many find it as amusing as I d...   read

2:10 PM on 11.20.2009

here is the deal with the new sony online revenue stream

from engadget: Sony had a big management meeting in Japan today, where the tech giant announced some extremely vague plans for what's initially being called the Sony Online Service -- a new "iTunes-like" service built on the...   read

3:05 PM on 09.25.2009

DJ Star.

As many of you may have heard me whine about many times (but prolly didn't notice that it was me whining) I hate rhythm games and I hate music games. I feel that they tend to water down the aspects of making music, I feel tha...   read

6:23 PM on 09.16.2009

unboxing the GBA "3D" candy

So recently as I was at my local party store for reasons that I won't get into right now, I was walking through the aisles and ran into the "3D" GBA candy. If you had any doubts or confusion surrounding the number of dimens...   read

10:41 AM on 07.18.2009

From the attic, random video game paraphernalia I found sitting around.

When I was a kid I remember a lot of things, watching turbo teen, playing my handheld for weeks on end- trading 2600 games with the neighbor- but one thing I don't remember is seeing or buying these video game character "ru...   read

12:32 AM on 06.19.2009

Galactrix letdown

So I just finished playing galactrix on DS, I had played it a bit when it came out and put it down till this week . I finished everything in it and... nothing. There was no "you have completed all missions" or anything- you can just start the game now and load up an empty map with absolutely nothing to do on it, I think that that should have been considered something of a bug during development.   read

10:40 AM on 05.23.2009

Out of touch..

So in my e-mail today I get this promo for gamestop and i think: awesomeI was going to get ghostbusters anyways and then i notice that it says 'up to $10' well I did some checking where I live (bay area SF) and there is not a single theater within 20 miles that has a regular showtime for under $10.50 Granted someone outside of a major city may be havin' fun with their free movie but not here....   read

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