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i have been a dtoid member for over about a year now. I am now striving to be a better member and contribute more to the community.
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I traded Oblivion and KOTOR2 for all of this! :)

Got a pokemon edition gameboy color with original back (in great shape)
Pokemon Blue, Red, Yellow, Silver, and Gold.
MAgnifing glass and light
link cable
and a case.


i have 5 of the Feral Wolf Charm and Memory Band codes here and i have no use for them. If anybody wants one please just comment me and let me know.

these are for the pc and this is on a first come first serve basis. Remember to check my blog often as i will start getting more codes for different games.

1. enter your code at www.dragonage.bioware.com/redeem
2. start up dragon age: origins and log on to your EA online account
3. go to the downloadable content menu to veiw download progress

Pikmin 2

Price - $5

Spyro Saga

Price - FREE!

Hey you! Pikachu w/ Mic

Price - FREE!

Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask w/ User manual and Strategy Guide

Price - ALL FREE!

Mario Kart 64 w/ Original Box and User Manuel

Price - $10

Diddy Kong Racing
Killer Instinct Gold

Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening X2

Price - BOTH FREE!

Super Nintendo Mario Collection

Price - included with SNES

Street Fighter 2

Price - $5

Mortal Kombat 3

Price - $5

Donkey Kong Country Collection

Price - Included with SNES

Super Metroid

Price - $3



Price - $20
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4:44 PM on 01.03.2009

1. Beat 50 games
2. Reach 40,000 gamerscore
3. Reach 50,000 gamerscore
4. Become a more active dtoider
5. Finish Oblivion
6. Finish lost Odyssey (reminded me)
7. Replay old gameboy color games.
8. Win a contest
9. Own more than 5 games by 2010
10. Play at least 10 old games i missed out on.

Any of you other guys have some goal youd like to reach?

Anyone want to be friends?