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10:27 PM on 01.11.2009

Kinda like cake.

Hello my name is Candi - Mistress of the crowbar and destroyer of everything grammatically correct. One day when I was a wee tot growing up in the harsh world of my neighborhood, I had recieved a gift (It could have been Christmas, my birthday, or maybe even a day that ended in Y) and once I stripped my gift naked of it's wrappings without any hesitation - I held in my hands my very first gaming system - The Nintendo (Yes these hands have never stroked an Atari joystick). With the Nintendo I was able to achieve many great things like saving the princess, killing ducks, improving my lung capacity, and destroying my social life for years to come.

I have enjoyed many pleasures from gaming systems over the years; Sega with it's Street Fighter and "AH! NOUGETS!", Nintendo 64 and slapping betches Bond style, Xbox and Soul Calibur which only led to me getting bit, and just about every other system out there. However there's only one that has ever really won my heart - The PC. I was turned onto the PC by a man named Freeman, Gordon Freeman and some crabs, Head crabs - I was sold.

Half-Life rocked my world and I've become ever obsessed with the First Person Shooter. I enjoyed many hours with my friend the Free Man. I then moved onto PC multiplayer FPS games, starting with TFC and when I hit boredom with that I ravaged anything I could (Doom, Quake, UT, your mom, countless HL mods, ect). I've also been known to enjoy MMORPGs on an occassion such as Anarchy Online, EVE-Online, Lineage 2, and hey I even manage a Level 26 Hunter in WoW - worship me.

All in all I am me and me is a gamer dragged here by my disobedient slave Dyslixec.

My goodies are kinda like cake, now scroll down.

In conclusion, me with Wii controler 0 - ceiling fan 72   read

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