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2:16 PM on 09.22.2012

Top 20 Favourite Games of all time: Part 1

Procrastination is a fun thing. When I should be writing an essay about moral relativity, I instead opted to do a top 20 favorite games thing. And because I'm lazy, I've decided to split it into two parts, just so I can I can do the other half later. And because I'm even lazier, I'm not even going to bother with a decent introduction. It's a top 20 games thing. Get over it.

20. Spec Ops: The Line: I know this game is quite recent release, but it's one of those games I know will stick with me. The game is fucked up, and if you know me, dark and depressing is kind of my thing. The game is a commentary of other games like call of duty or gears of war, and judges you harshly for playing it like those games. There is an instance that rips off the COD 4 missile bit that's like an absolute gut punch when you find out what you've done. I'm not going to ruin it for you, but you may need to shower after. I sat their, mouth agape at that scene. I was like: Fuck you modern warfare, this is how you do a shock scene! However it doesn't end there. The game sends you on a spiral into depression, madness and guilt. Even the loading credits start to taunt you, with lines like: "Do you still feel like a hero?" "Collateral damage can be acceptable if the gain is worth it. How much are you and your team mates worth?" and my personal favourite: "The U.S. Army does not condone shooting unarmed civilians. Why should you care. This isn't real." The game has real emotional weight, and it's own genericism helps the point it's making. Overall, I just adore this game, and it's an experience I'll remember for quite some time.

19. Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec: You'll find quite a few ps2 games in this list, and the reason is simple: It was the major console around when I was in highschool. I didn't belong to the richest family, so I couldn't afford the seventh generation of consoles until I got my own job at the end of 2010. Yeah, I had a massive backlog of games to catch up on, but we'll get to that later. On top of not having a great deal of money, I also had to contend with my parents being Jehovah's Witnesses, meaning NO VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES! That ruled out quite a few, although I'd still play games like God of War and Resident Evil when I went to my grandmothers house. Due to those circumstances, I had a very limited range of games I could play on a regular basis, and one that got quite frequently played was Gran Turismo 3.
You see, what I love most about this game is that it puts RPG elements into the racing genre. Races and you are rewarded with loot, you can "enhance" your car, you save up your money to buy cars and buy more parts for your car and unlock new races. It takes the most annoying part of an RPG: The Grind, and adds it to maximum effect. This game will last you a lifetime if you want to play every race, and probably six or seven lifetimes if you want to unlock everything the game has to offer. The cars all handle realistically, and the circuits are both well conceived and challenging. There is only one downfall to the game, and it's something that plagues the entire series as a whole: The AI are among the dumbest I've seen in a video game. They are incredibly poor.
In the long run, however, this simply doesn't matter, because this is by far the pinnacle of the series, and moreover, the closest to perfection the racing genre has ever been.

18. Civilisation 5: I'm not a huge fan of the RTS genre, however that's no fault of it's own. I'm just not quick enough, or devoted enough to learn all the hotkeys required to win a match. I do, however, adore the strategical element, and that's why turn based strategy games appeal to me.
The first game in the series I played was Civ 4, which is an amazing game, but not really a good starting place for newbies. I played it of course, but I could never really grasp what I had to be doing. Then Civ 5 came out and changed all of that. It taught me everything I needed to know instead of just assuming. It took me by the hand and showed me the basics and I never looked back. Now can play this game adequately, I adore it. I adore the multiple different ways of victory. I adore the plethora of game making decisions you must make, and I adore how damn addictive it is. I have stayed up until 5 o'clock the next morning, saying to myself the whole time: "Just one more turn, just one more turn."
The AI is slightly more hellbent on war this time around, however, when you play against friends, that's when this game really shines. Making an alliance with a friend and pretending you're going for a science victory and then double crossing him and attacking his capital city is a thrill second to none.To me, this game brings back better times of playing board games with friends, games like Settlers of Katahn or risk, but on a much, much larger scale. I adore the hell out of this game, and it is something I will continually play for now until death. Or at least the next game.

17. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines: Where to begin? This game is, quite frankly, amazing. This game uses the source engine, and is based off the table rpg of the same name. It is, to me, everything a plot driven RPG should be. Using Deus ex style gameplay, this is a game where every character is intriguing, every choice has real consequence, and leveling up feels fulfilling.
What I truly love about the game, however, is how it just runs with it's theme. You're a vampire, you feed, you seduce, you die in daylight etc. It makes vampires cool again. And this game is fucking dark too. It tackles themes of incest, rape, schitzophrenia and many other uncomfortable themes that I haven't seen discussed in a video game for quite some time.
Unfortunately, there are many, many faults with this game. The combat is kind of shit until you're a higher level, the game is broken unless you patch it, and the graphics are pretty bland even for their time. However, if you can look as that, you will find an amazing experience of storytelling and choice that will stay with you for quite some time.

16. Minecraft: Many games forget one important aspect gameplay: A players imagination is infinitely more powerful than anything you can create. True, there are times when we as players want a rigidly linear game to take us in with it's breath taking story, but every so often we just want to do whatever the hell we want. Minecraft is the best tool around for that.
Minecraft is the best tool for our imagination, because we must work for it. It makes your diamond skull lair with lava eyes so much more rewarding when you have to work for it yourself. On top of the digging and woodcutting, you must survive. You can die by lava, monsters, drowning and starvation, and nearly every death is a significant loss thanks to item loss. Every single block of it you earned, and it adds to the feeling of accomplishment.
What really elevated this game from great to top 20 worthy, however, is the modding community. The game is so much sweeter with automated doors, quarries and the infinite of depth these amazing modders have added. This is one of those games that truly deserves the phenomenon status it's given. Oh, and this game got my mum into gaming. It gets points for that.

15. Fallout 3: This may come as a shock to some of you who have read my past blogs, but I don't actually hate Bethesda. I adored Morrowind, enjoyed Oblivion, and absolutely love what they have done with the Fallout series. The only reason I hate on Skyrim so much is that in 2011 the game is only slightly better than Oblivion, and it has a very similar world to it. I'd be ok with that, however it has nothing to remedy the situation. Fallout 3 has a lot of the same problems Skyrim has, including poor combat, being buggy as hell etc. What Fallout does, however, is redeem itself by being in an insanely interesting world, with rich characters and lots of moral dilemmas.
Fallout 3 is one of those games that just can't be replicated. The style: 1950's ideals and decor merged with lasers, computers, and robots: All blown to hell. It is quite a funny game, with pop culture references, dark irony and wit abounding, but at the same time it is haunting, isolated, and desolate. The towns and cities feel like a group of survivors huddled together to survive.
The game is filled with memorable moments, such as the megaton bomb, the first time you meat a ghoul, and first laying your eyes on Rivet City. This is simply a game that cannot be missed, and to me, the pinnacle of Bethesda games.

14. Ratchet and Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal: Remember how I said I wasn't allowed to play violent games due to my parents being Jehovahs Witnesses? Yeah, like all human beings, my dad is a hypocrite. "Oh no," he'll say, "we can't watch Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings because they have magic in them, and magic is the work of the demons..." Yet his favourite movie of all time is Shrek. "Oh no! We can't buy the Dark Knight on Dvd because it was too violent," yet he owns the Alien Boxset, and recently went to see Prometheus and adored it. Simarly, while he wouldn't allow me to play games like Halo or Killzone, he thinks violence is totally acceptable if it's animated, and/or cell shaded. Ah... ignorance is bliss...
...Especially because this, and two other games on the list I got away with playing for this reason, are effing amazing!
Ratchet and Clank 3 is a young boys dream. Forget Call of Duty or Battlefield with their realistic weapons. Young boys don't want to shoot bullets, they want to shoot lava. They want guns that turn their enemies into sheep, and they want to be reduced to hysterics while doing it.
The game has a depth to it most other games of this genre don't. There are side missions, 2D levels, guns that level up and an insane amount of variety. One second you're jumping on ledges and shooting bad guys, the next you're in a freaking space ship, then you're in a gladiator arena, and then you're a giant clank fighting another mech inside a city, with skyscrapers crumbling all around you. Also, this games has an amazing use of new game plus, because that is te only way your guns can upgrade to full capacity... and upgrade they do...
To summarise, this is the second best platforming game available on the PS2.

13. Planescape: Torment: For those of you who've played this game, you don't need any reason for this game to be in this list. You may need a reason for it being so relatively low in the list, but hey, this is my list, my opinion, and you can go fuck off. Is he gone? Good. Fucking asshole. Anyway, this game is wonderfully written, witty as hell, completely unique, and most importantly: Not a fucking D&D clone.
Finally, a game that isn't just Tolkien fan fiction (which is incidentally why I don't read a lot of fantasy outside of Clive Barker George R.R. Martin. Btw, if anyone knows of any good ORIGINAL fantasy novels, please let me know.) The game has a lot of written dialogue, and not a great deal of action. You can get through a lot of the game without killing anything if you use your wits. The combat is decently done though, if you feel like missing the oppurtunity to be original in the game and want to be a homocidal fuckwit.
Another cool thing in this game is that you are immortal. If you die, you awaken again, which can lead to some very cool experimentation later on. Your party is an eclectic mix of awesome, and the world the story inhabits is so unique and intriguing that you'll probably never want to play a borefest like Skyrim ever again. Although why you're still playing that game, I'll never understand...

12. Timesplitters 2: Remember what I said about Ratchet and Clank about my father being a hypocrite and what-not? Well I was allowed to play this game because it was cell shaded and therefore was more cartoony, which somehow made it less violent. Anyway, this will probably be the topic of a completely different bog, so I won't get too much into the hypocrisy of the way violence is portrayed in the media, and how people view it. Anyway...
All you really need to know about this game is that it is made by free radical, which include a group of the guys who worked on Goldeneye. That's right, fucking Goldeneye. Is this game better than Goldeneye? Yes, in every single way possible. For starters, this game was made on the PS2, so A) it had a decent controller, and it actually worked well, and B) graphically stll holds up today, although I think the cell shading has a lot to do with that. Another point in it's favor is that the game is just a lot more fun. It is over the top, it involves time travelling and has fucking MONKEYS!!!! Also, as an added bonus, you aren't playing as one of the worst James Bond's ever to grace our screens. Also, this has an absolutely amazing tribute to Goldeneye's Dam level.
Now, this is an arcade shooter through and through. Like Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, this game has the brilliant longevity tool of adding extra missions to later difficulties, although it also goes one further. It adds a challenge mode and an arcade mode with such activities as collecting bananas as a monkey, shooting the heads off zombies, or throwing bricks through windows.
Ok, all we've touched on so far is the single player. This game is the best multiplayer shooter ever made. With modes such as Virus Mode, Vampire, Shrink etc, and has levels set in a UFO hangar, in a hospital, and in 1920's gangster inhabited chicago. Also, you can choose a range of characters, from a zombie, to an alien, to a monkey, to a clown etc... this game is just insane fun. Crytek, I know you've bought Free Radical. If you make Timesplitters 4, you can have my sister. And my car. And my girlfriend. And my shoes.

11. Skate 3: I love skateboarding games. I have since I first played THPS1. By the time Tony Hawks Underground 2 came out, and I could get twenty million points in a single combo without cheats, I decided that the old formula needed to be done away with, and something more realistic and challenging to come in. Then came the Skate series. Skate 3 is by far the best in the series, balancing fun and realism quite well.
One thing you should know is that I'm stll playing this game. I'm stll making video montages of my successful stunts, most hilarious bails, and random tomfoolery. I'm still skating, and I'm still enjoying this game as much as I was when I first played it.
Everything in this game is interactive in some way, every area of this game is fun to skate in. Sure, some of the challenges are ridiculously hard, but they can be overlooked for the sheer amount of fun you can have, as Skating in this game is the most natural and fun it has ever been in a video game.
Hall of Meat is the best it has ever been, it's hilarious and more fun then self mutilation has ever been in the past.
However, the best part of this game is not the challenges, it's dicking around. It's seeing what would happen if you jumped off a building onto a hundred boxes, or running and jump kicking an old man down a flight of stairs, seeing if you can bail in an erotic position on a pedestrian, or whether you can recreate your favourite slapstick viral videos.

Well, that's it for this half of my top 20. Tune in whenever I can be bothered doing the next one.   read

8:57 AM on 09.22.2012

Female Characters in Videogames

In todays games, female characters have all the personality of a brick. They have one purpose: To satisfy perverted young men. And that would be wholly appropriate if you were writing characters for Leisure Suit Larry. Unfortunately, we are not, and this line of thinking is present in most video games. Look at the Witcher 2, where all the main characters are well characterised, deep and flawed. Except for Triss, who is a big titted badass who ultimately needs a big, white haired mutant to come and save her. What is this, the fucking 1920's?

I'm not going to lie: I like boobs as much as the next guy. I don't in anyway deny their appeal. However, women are far more. Before they had rights, they were a powerful motivator, as ignorant males like myself built shit, thought stuff, and did stuff to impress them. Because of women, we got shit done. Now women have rights, and they are starting to do shit themselves. Which is great, because the more they do, the less I have to. If I sit on my ass and play video games and watch buffy while my girlfriend fixes my car and mows the lawn, I'm helping feminism along.

But the thing that most developers don't realise is that women are people. They aren't some mysterious creature that breathes fire and hormones. They are humans, with drives, desires and motives, like anyone else. Developers seem to understand that women today get shit done, but they don't undertand the depth of those characters.

Female Characters generally fall into these categories: Badasses, Damsels in distress, objects, or completely dependent on men to do everything. Now, these women most certainly exist in real life, but they aren't all there is. There many many different variations, and it's up to developers to realise this.

I've been beating this particular horse to death lately, but half life 2 is a game that actually has a real female charater in the form of Alyx Vance. She is a complex emotional character who is flawed, and scared witless a lot of the time, but still presses on out of sheer desperation. She is neither dependant on males, nor is she a complete badass. She seems optimistic a lot of the time, but still gets down. She is a real person, and probably the most relatable character in the series.

Other than that, I can think of very few. Heavy Rain characterised it's female characters decently, but then went back on it by showing us their tits at every possible turn. Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines has some amazingly strong characterisation, both male and female, and is a great game that everyone should play. However, strongly characterised females are still largely absent from the gaming world, and I thnk thats a bit of a shame, because I find their personalities infinitely more interesting than their ignorant male companions.

As a side note: For those of you who want pictures: Fuck off. I'm used to the 1up way of doing things, where you click insert image and the image appears, with some customisation options. I haven't learnt BB Code yet, so everytime I insert an image here, and preview the blog, it just gives me the code I inputted. I use BB over at Metalstorm, so maybe it's just a different layout i need to get used to. Not knocking the site, the community here seems much better than 1up, and the articles are more varied and interesting. There, rant over.   read

12:19 AM on 09.21.2012

Top 10 Most Overrated Game

I often disagree with gaming sites like this one. I don't often
complain, because game reviewing is subjective, and the only time I have complained is if a game that is flawed in so many different was gets a 10... However, there are a lot of games that get high marks or are widely adored that I don't think deserve that praise. Here are 10 of them.

10. Bioshock: Number ten on this list is a controversial pick, and a hard one, since I quite like this game. However, the ratings this game received made it out to be nearly floorless. The game was met with univesal acclaim for it's unique theme's and setting, which it deserves. However, this game is still immensely flawed. The shooting mechanic's are iffy, and the pacing is all over the place. Pacing is a key aspect of all videogames, especially story driven ones. The "Critically Acclaimed Story" takes the saw approach: Shit story, pile on suspense, and add a twist at the end. The gameplay basically consists of the player walking for a bit, shooting people, then running into a collapsed or closed door, and collecting stuff to help open it. What the game has going for it is the writing, something that it pulls off remarkably well. However, that alone isn't enough for the game to receive the incredibly strong praise it received.

9. GTA IV: I seem to be the only one who remembers when Grand Theft Auto was a stupidly fun satire of Suburban America, where sexual innuendo, outlandish weapons and vehicles were what the series was all about. Grand Theft Auto remembers the satirical aspect, but somehow misses the whole "fun" aspect. The game is overwhelming sombre, even though half the time it can't decide what tone it wants to have. Some of the cutscenes are whacky and hilarious, and some completely contradict the tone. 90 percent of the missions seem to be about delivering stuff, and when the game finally does give you a fun mission, you have your fucking cousin call to ask if you want to play darts.

8. Uncharted 3: Here is a seriously flawed game that received a perfect 10 in many gaming publications, including IGN, OPSM etc.
Now while I get that a 10 doesn't neccessarily signify perfection, it does signify the pinnacle of gaming. Uncharted 3 is far from the pinnacle of gaming. It has a substandard plot, even by video game standards, with some admittedly interesting characters, humorous lines and amazing set pieces. But the actual game part is lacking. The gunplay feels terrible and unresponsive, the climbing is incredibly linear, and you often can't tell which bit of scenery you can and can't climb. The hand to hand combat is punch until he does, then counter with no real challenge... until the end where the difficulty is all about you having a picture perfect memory of where all the enemies are... Seriously? This is the pinnacle of gaming? This is a fucking grade c film pretending to be a game. And the only reason it got such good reviews is because it's a console exclusive.

7: Halo Reach: Speaking of exclusives titles that fanboys will cum over now matter how ballocks they are: Halo Reach. Now, every criticism I have aimed at this game I could aim at the series as a whole, but the first two games were actually innovative, the first game showing us how console shooters can be done, and the second game for really bringing online multiplayer to consoles. After that... well the series doesn't have that much going for it. It still clings to the archaic designs of the original, with similar controls and philosophies (you know gun sights? Yeah, they are useful...). However, Halo is often highly regarded for it's story, which is also not very good. But my major problem with this game, is that it has terrible pacing. In the first level you're thrown into massive fire fight after massive firefight. Give us a few enemies to pick off before we start getting swarmed, Halo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This game series continues to get covered in gamers collective jizz when really, it's nothing more than elementary sci fi plot with terrible pacing and decent gunplay. It also gets an extremely dishonorable mention for popularising the regenerating health mechanic, which is the second worst decision ever.

6. World of Warcraft: With the amount of people who bang on about this game you'd think it was actually decent. The gameplay is dreadfully dull, and nowhere is this more apparent than the combat. You take it in turns hitting the other person till one of them falls over. There's no skill or strategy involved. The game world is tedious, and it often feels more like a secod job than a game. I guess a lot of fault lies in the genre, but still, this is a game that damn sure does not deserve the amount of praise it gets.

5. Gears of War: Remember when action games were adrenaline filled fun? Remember you'd be running around, guns blazing, bullets flying thick and fast from everywhere, and you had to think on your feet? Well, those days are gone, due to this game. After gears of war introduced the cover mechanic, fast, frantic shooting action was a relic of the past. Instead, we sat behind walls, while the enemies sat behind walls, and we each waited for the other to stick their heads up in a retarded game of whack a mole. The biggest gimmick of gears of war: The chainsaw lancer, is rendered all but useless due to the fact that you're rarely close enough to an enemy to use it unless you're playing in easy difficulty. However, my main gripe with this is that it's bland. Sure, some of the set pieces are great, but once you get past that, it's a kind of samey game with lots of samey coloured environments.

4. Assassin's Creed (series): The first Assassin's Creed game was incredibly overhyped, so when it turned out to be a lackluster game, a fair few people were understandably disappointed. Sure, the climbing and exploring fun, and the swordplay was ok, but the game got too repetitive too fast, and never quite delivered on all of it's problems. Then the second game came out, and changed all of that. It was actually a good game, everything the first game promised to be. Sure, it took out some good elements from the first game, like studying your victim, but it was still an enjoyable action game. Then something terrible happened. The game caught "Activision fever" wherein they would recreate the same game every year and expect us to fork out cash for it. The kept the same characters, timeline, moves, etc. and the only thing that really changed were small details like graphics, or the additiion of extra henchmen or silly minigames. Yet reviewers and the masses still adore these titles for some reason. Like call of duty, one of these games is amazing, and the rest are copies trying to replicate it's success. Assassin's Creed 2 is like Diablo, and the rest of the games are like torchlight. Except the first one, which is like Fate.

3. Mass Effect (Series): When Mass Effect first came along, it was an interesting little hybrid of rpg and gears of war clone. It was like KOTOR and GOW had a baby, and the baby mostly took after the fathers side, because the gunplay was pretty appalling, while the story and roleplaying side of things were good. When Mass Effect 2 came along, KOTOR must have run off with another woman and abandoned him, because almost all the RPG elements were abandoned, and the series turned into a GOW clone with a text based adventure attached. That's ok though, because the story was still ok, right? Out came Mass Effect 3, which furthered the GOW clone motiff with text adventure, but they forgot to make the one thing the series had going for it at this point: Story, a valid concern. You see kids, the thing about stories is that it's the end that sticks in your mind, and with an ending like this, it stuck in your mind, but for all the wrong reasons. Now, I don't mind that, I certainly wasn't going to be an entitled little bitch and protest. What I dislike about the game is how acclaimed it is: Simply for the story. The shooting is shit house, and the choices are forced illusions. Sure the universe is expansive and cool and all, but this is a game, not a movie, something that critics these days seem to forget.

2. The Elder's Scrolls: Skyrim: Continuing in the Bethesda tradition, this is a fantasy RPG that offers an immensely immersive world, that is truly immense in size. However, that's all it really nails. The exploration is great, sure, but the combat is atrocious, the quests are repetitive and the story boring pathetic shit. And I haven't even touched the bit about this game being a broken sordid mess of bugs and glitches. This is ok on the glorious pc, where you can mod the shit out of this game so that it looks like bethesda never ever touched it, but on consoles it's a different story. I first played this game on my PS3, and it was ok to begin with. However, after about 10 hours, the game began to run like a slideshow, all the time. I couldn't access quests, or finish the main questline. It was a nightmare. Anyway, my point is that a completely broken game, with shithouse mechanics should excused because it does one thing well, especially when other games, such as Alpha Protocol, get scorned by critics for having the same problems.

1. Call of Duty: "Clap clap for captain obvious. How did we know you were going to choose Call of Duty, the most reviled game among console gamers?" You say. Well, while it is an obvious choice, I am putting it here for another reason. This game gets slandered too much. While I agree making the same game over and over again is wrong, and the business ethic's of Activision are atrocious, like Assassin's Creed, if you only play one of these games, it's ok. Actually, it's brilliant. These are some of the best shooters on the market. Ok, that's because the vast majority of shooters are shit enough to make this vile piece of mundane shit look good... ok, I can't do it. I'm a follower. I hate this game as much as you do. Don't judge me. These games are shit.

So there you have it. My top 10 list. If you feel the need to voice your opinions, please fuck off and remember that your opinions are wrong.   read

7:55 PM on 09.19.2012

My Idea for a religious/political satire game!

Fuck you IT staff, with your nine hour internet maintenance. Thanks to you I am in a state of unsufferable boredom, with very little to do. Which kind of disturbs me to be honest, because the internet being down should be a temporary setback. However, atm, this means that I can't submit my assignment, I can't start another assignment, I can't read my ebooks, I can't access my movie collection because it's on the network for sharing, and I can't play any of my steam games because it's decided that it won't start offline mode without the internet; and as much as I love the irony of that last one, it is frustrating nonetheless. Social interaction is currently out of the question, as most of the friends I actually want to talk to are at class, and I can't go to class, because the class I should be at now is internet studies. Jesus.

So anyway, I thought I might share with you my idea of a game that will never ever get published, because the gaming industry is a bunch of conservative cunts, who get nervous if you hint at anything more serious in theme than shooting things. Anyway, here's to wishful thinking.

Before I start, as much of a shock as this may come to you, seeing my appalling gramatical skills on here, I am actually an aspiring Author/Journalist. The reason for my shit grammar on here? It's a blog. Seriously. I'm not trying to change the world with this, I'm merely presenting my thoughts the way I think them most of the time. So if they come out incoherent and unstructured, that's because they are.

Anyway, this started as a novel, and slowly evolved into a game concept. The game is called Power of the Gods! (Working title.)

Basically, this game is a satire of religion and politics, which imagines each set of religious deities as a seperate empire. The story is simple: In recent times, Christianity is declining in popularity in recent years, and the rest of the religious entities around the world are fighting to decide who will be the next major religion, or "world power." You take the side of the Greek Gods, and play as their lackey: Hercules. It is your job to sabotage them, through smear campaigns, manipulation, vandalism, theft, and all that fun stuff.

You're job also entails more than that. It involvwes keeping the press from knowing certain going ons, getting your fellow gods to behave, and making sure information about strip club visits aren't leaked.

The game plays out like an adventure rpg, in that a lot of the game involves character interaction and puzzles, although there will be combat, it's not a main feature. It's not an open world, though there will be explorable hubs, similar to Deus Ex. I want multiple ways to tackle each situation, but I want the main emphasis to be on biting satire and humor.

The characters themselves represent what they are, for instance, the god of war (Ares, not Kratos) is an arrogant, racist and misogynist pig who doesn't care about anyone but himself, The God of Death is disgusting, vile, and repulsive, yet people have a morbid fascination with him.

The humor of the game will make or break it, naturally, so when I finish the first level on rpg maker I'll show you and let you decide for yourself. However, I'm trying to do like a South Park style humor, mixing low brow humour with satire, however not as low brow as South Park can get. There will be shock lines. For instance, Hades is a necropheliac, which leads to a group of people abusing him, and Hades trying to defend himself. They say: "You're not evil? YOU HAVE SEX WITH DEAD PEOPLE!" His response? "They're dead, they can't feel anything." There will also be video game references, where Ares is told to shape up or ship out, Zeus points to a picture of Kratos and says: "He has the ratings you know." Stuff like that.

Now, I have no illusions this game will ever get signed, and if it did, it'd be nothing short of a miracle. However, this is just a hobby of mine. So tell me what you think!   read

8:12 AM on 09.19.2012

Homosexuality and Other Adult Themes in Gaming

Due to being a lowly student with no source of income other than Australia's Tax money, I haven't had the money to buy any new games that I want. So I've been revisiting some older games and trying to finish other ones. Among these are: Mass Effect 3, The Binding of Isaac, Silent Hill 2 and Vampire the Masquerade - Bloodlines. The interesting things about these games is that they all contain some very adult content.

I'll start with Mass Effect 3, which I started playing for about an hour then realised why I stopped. That's right: It's a shitty cover based shooter with a text based adventure attached to it, pretending to be an rpg. It doesn't do any of those seperate parts overly well, and even manages to fuck up the one thing the series had going for it: The story. But anyway, I'm getting off topic. I remember hearing all this hallabaloo about there being gay relationships in the game. People were going off their tits before hand because Shepherd could get down and dirty with a member of the same sex. To these people I say: Please, find a pointy object and bang your head against it so that society can evolve. I don't give a fuck if you're christian or muslim and your beliefs run contrary to their beliefs. Gay people are people too. I thought we discovered this around the time Elton John came out. And if your beliefs are that strong, you shouldn't be playing a game where you murder millions of people anyway. Hypocritic fucktards. I know you all watch lesbian porn anyway.

Now that that's out of the way, I can move back on topic. I am a firm believer in any form of media being able to explore darker and more adult themes. Thats what freedom of speech is all about. The Binding of Isaac touches on child abuse and heavy religious themes. Silent Hill explores sexual frustration, abuse, torture and “euthanasia”. And in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines (Buy it, it's fucking fantastic) there's a big section about a daughter being raped, and accepting it because she thought thats what love was and him walking in on the wrong daughter and her killing him... It's all very deep stuff. These instances, if handled right, can make for interesting character exploration and plot devices. They can even convey a message, although they don't necessarily have to.

While I believe all these things should be present in video games, however, I do believe they should be handled correctly. For instance, one could discuss the topic of say: Child molestation. It could be a heavy theme in a game, hell, I'd even be ok with having a joke about it (after all, humor is the best combat), but I don't believe that the child molestation should be a part of the interactive section of the game.

You see, many video games shy away from these sorts of themes, opting to be politically correct, and if they do have dark themes, they do it for the shock value. But it sets a double standard, especially when we can murder millions upon millions of people, but a guy can't fuck another guy, or can't mention religious or other adult themes for fear of offending people.

Anyway, that's my little rant about that subject. What do you feel about homosexuality or other themes being present in games? Keep in mind, if you say anything homophobic, I may have to make out with you.   read

3:04 AM on 09.19.2012

Fanboys Are Retarded!

A lot of my blogs on here are written to point out an issue, or to help procrastinate assignments and neglect the education I'm paying 15000 dollars for. Every so often however, I write something with one purpose: To piss off fanboys. This too serves a point, as fanboys are like an alcoholic's wife, in that even though their husband pisses away their money, neglects her interests and beats her repeatedly, she still loves him and sings his fucking praise down the street. They make up excuses, stating "It's ok, he's doing this because he lost his job" or "I must be the one in the wrong, since he'd never do anything to hurt me..."

It is however important to realise, however, that while you may love your favourite game developer or console, that not everything they do needs defending. They've got people who write apology speeches for that. You're job is to buy their products, and hopefully enjoy them, and show them respect in the form of opening your wallet. However, when said developer fucks you over, or makes mistakes, it is important to point these out. It is important to request that nintendo make a new IP before I use mario's moustache to suffocate him, and it's important to tell Bethesda that they should treat all their customers with respect, not just the ones who take microsofts cock to the mouth every so often. Also, it's evil to sue indie companies for using a word, thus taking away free fucking speech. Are you going to sue the bakery down the street for selling cinamon scrolls Bethesda? Or what about every pc user ever for hitting scroll lock you evil fucks.

Anyway, I think you get the point. However, I will ask one thing: Play the fucking game before you judge it. Don't whinge because Dante looks different until you play it. Does his lack of hair throw his center of gravity off? Does all the My Chemical Romance he listens to cause him to give up and let enemies finish him off once and for all? Little things like that aren't anything to get up in arms about, especially when the game itself could still be orgasmically great. People whinged about David Tennant's Doctor Who when they first saw him, and guess what? He was fucking brilliant, so shut your festering gob you tit.

So in closing, fanboys: It's ok to admit that your favourite game has some flaws. I will: Dark Souls has a level called Blighttown which is the worst level in anything ever. Resident Evil 4 is one big fucking escort mission, and the person you're escorting is mentally retarded; and Silent Hill 2 has terrible combat. However, it's also important not to judge things off a knee jerk reaction. Wait till you've experienced said problem first hand before you throw chainsaws at it. Oh and one more thing: Memes. Are. Not. And. Will. Never. Be. Funny. Stop saying I took an arrow the knee or I'll force you to take a bladed dildo the throat!   read

3:07 PM on 09.18.2012

If Game Companies Made Movies

Please note that I posted this on 1up a few days ago, so if anyone wants to accuse me of plagiarism, you can fuck off.

Well, Guild Wars servers are currently full, and I'm lagging like a bitch. So time for some fun. I've decided my pet hate today is publishers, the greedy sell out fucks. I've decided to see whether their seedy gaming practices would work in the movie business. So, I'll get straight into it.

Blizzard: Blizzard shouldn't be in the movie business, but film critics seem to adore them. They don't make films so much as they do make 20 minute episodes, release them once a month, make you pay 30 bucks for each one, which are then released on the big screen. The same thing happens in each one, and to outsiders it looks incredibly tedious and boring, but fans seem to become addicted to it. Perhaps it's a drug being pumped into the theatre? Regardless, Blizzard refuse to let people purchase dvds, insisting that if you want to view their product, you must be at a theatre, in a social setting, at all times.
They have a monopoly over one genre for years, which is partially because they've been the only ones to actually make a decent product in said genre. Well, that is until Arena net came along, kicked them in the nuts and said: "This is how we do things now!"

Activision: Activision and Blizzard have been teaming up for a while now, though they have entirely different philosophies in game making. Whereas Blizzard makes a product and supports it indefinitely, refusing to make anything until at least 5 years have passed; Activision release the same product each year with different actors and slightly different set pieces. They recently enlisted the help of the ADHD riddled Michael Bay to direct their movies, and have basically told him to go nuts. They mustn't have let him know about a secret Transformers movie though, because it actually turned out to be alright, and that smarmy cunt Shia La' Douche wasn't anywhere to be seen.

Bethesda: Long have they been the fantasy geeks go to, their movies are riddled with plot holes, dodgy resolution and the dvd's are prone to just stop working. However, fantasy fans will forgive anything as long as the finished product is epic, and epic they are. Bethesda have enlisted Director Peter Jackson to direct their movies, telling him that the films will not be released if it is under 12 hours. The movies are acclaimed titles, even though their "Depth" is derived from unrelated plot points that go nowhere and are quite trivial in relation to the overall plot, and the overall plot is just a Tolkien rip off.
Bethesda have recently shown their bad side though, trying to copyright specific words, suing independant companies, and going against a contract they signed with the original owner of one of their properties. Still, no one seems to care as long as their products maintain their grand scale, no matter the expense.

Bioware: Considered to be one of the greatest storytelling companies in the business, they originally stuck quite clingily to the fantasy genre before moving to the realm of science fiction. Typical tropes of Bioware films are interesting characters, action sequences that are all a bit samey by the end, merging genres of action and drama (but kind of half arsing both) and being the pioneers of the "Choose your own adventure" style of film, ensuring no two viewings are exactly the same, unless you're a boring fuck who hates change. Bioware's products are becoming increasingly dumbed down however, starting off as films for those with intelligence, but succombing to the whims of the people who enjoy films with Tom Cruise in them.

Valve: Years ahead of their competitors in terms of style, sophistication, and customer benevolence; Valve have rarely stepped a foot wrong, and when they have, they've been quick to remedy it. They recently released a new digital distribution tool that has grown to monopolise the industy, forcing Netflix into bankruptcy with it's accessibility and amazing prices.
It's films are of immense quality, pushing boundaries and causing imitators to try their hardest to imitate. Valve, however, made their biggest splash when they entered the realm of comedy, creating something fresh, dark and intelligent, and still managing to sell incredibly well. Despite all the good the company has caused, certain people have spoken out about it. Head of the Evil League of Evil, EA has pulled many of it's films from Valves distribution medium, and indie filmmaker Notch has spoken out against Steam monopolising the industry, even if it is because it's the only not shit distribution service out there.

EA: EA became the largest and most prominent film studio in the world. They grew to infamy initially due to steadily stealing shady business practices from their opponents and utilising all of them, forcing their beloved, unique franchises to copy ideas from other, more mainstream titles, and selling drugs to school children. Eventually, they decided films weren't enough, and decided to invade Poland, starting a global war. Today, they have become a world power, and recently lowered the legal age of prostitution to 8, but taxed it heavily so the families of the prostitutes remain poor.

There we go. Those are my ideas. If you have any of your own ideas, or want to write something for companies I missed like Ubisoft etc. feel free to do so in the comments.[/img][b]   read

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