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I'm a Wii60 owner, although I barely use my Wii anymore. I've been gaming since I was 5, and I started out on the NES. This was where I was introduced to Mario, Zelda, and several other franchises that I still enjoy today.

I just came from Gametrailers.com, where for the past year or so, shit hit the fan so often I decided to leave. I'll still go there for their excellent videos, but that's pretty much it now.

I was going to buy a PS3, but after I was able to borrow a friends' PS3 to play MGS4, there really is no great reason. The announcement of FF XIII coming to the 360 has further solidified my decision of remaining on the Wii60 train.

My favorite game, followed extremely closely by it's precursor. FF VI is also an unforgettable trip of awesomeness.
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5:25 PM on 07.19.2008

I think we can all agree that that is how we felt about Nintendo's portion of the show. Only Animal Crossing. What a joke, and what a dissapointment. Nintendo really dropped the ball on their entire audience, only catering to casual gamers.

But throughout my disappointment with Nintendo, a question raised in my head. Why the hell would the show only things that would interest the casual gamer when the casual not only has no clue what the hell E3 is, but wouldn't really care anyway. They are casual gamers, after all.

Microsoft showed a good amount of gameplay footage of games we actually wanted to see, which was very nice. Though I wondered why they would show the games they did if they were multi-platform. It's like bragging about your neighbor's pay roll. It inspires a subtle questioning on just what they have left exclusive to show, but doesn't reach the "What the fuck you gotta be kidding me lolomgbbq" level of Nintendo's shit stain of a press conference.

Sony was the middle-child, as they didn't show anything new, but at least showed exclusives and stuff that the hardcore gamer would be interested in. A simple "meh" will suffice for them.

But what happens next, now that e3 has come and gone. There wasn't a substantial amount of new games revealed, which shows that the future (meaning the next couple of years) might be a little stale.

Ah well, at least now that FFXIII is announced for the 360 as well, I don't have to buy a PS3. I'm almost as happy as this lil guy!

7:02 PM on 07.14.2008

It's nice to see everyone's bright smiling face on this fantabulous afternoon. I'm wepmajoe (a name I came up with that no one would have yet would still be pronounceable) and I'm new here. I just came from GT, and I'm so tired of that piece of ass, I've come here for new ass :)

So plz, don't hurt teh n00b.