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wenger56 avatar 5:27 AM on 03.10.2012  (server time)
Missing The Point<~~~

As a gamer and a human who likes living, I have a job where I earn money to pay for things that I need to survive and on the side some games and things that make those games function. When it comes to the correlation of review scores and games sales it's not just an individual science that good reviews equal good capital its that at the correct price for the correct game you will get good sales. I take in this and 3 other sites opinions to mind when I am about to put down my $60 plus tax. I want to know I won't be spending money on garbage that I won't enjoy.
That said is the reason companies have gone digital with a lot of their games because with not having to create the physical product producers don't have to spend that money and as well this puts a game at a location where dumbfounded gamers flipping through pages of PSN titles will by a game on a whim. This is another reason why developers are making more ios games let alone large install base short games that don't take very long to make can be distributed at a low cost leaving a larger audience to actually snag. This is sort of just turning into a ramble and nag on my part and I'm sorry.
Games are at an all time low, believe it or not. For the amount of content and time and effort that go in we should be more grateful. That said if publishers want to obtain more sales why not start at a lower price, test the market instead of running with the pack. Eventually you never know when the market shifts and your game sells like banana peels stuffed with marijuana. Otherwise developers should switch to a cheaper platform to work on. If you can get your game running say for pc at 2/3 the price as 360 why go for the higher cost right away? Once you have positive feed back, groupies, and maybe a little little less pocket space, since you now have a fat wallet. Do the necessary coding and make your game available to other demographics.
So if you haven't figured out I'm not much of a writer, though I do write some pretty mean screen plays. As a thank you for reading I will leave with every post an MS paint drawing. Enjoy, and thank you!

I should also point out because I spend most of my time making the art I tend not to edit.

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