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My name is Scott Windrem and i am born in raised in Ontario Canada. Now, onto the fail.
I have been playing games basically as long as i can remember...and my first console was a playstation (im only 16) although i now have a SNES and a N64 to go along with my PSTriple.
In case anyone was wondering my PSN is weirDfunK. Hit me up for some GTA IV or COD 5.

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8:26 PM on 05.21.2008

Apparently these are the first photos of the Tekken Movie .

This one is Cung Le, who will be playing Marshall Law.

And this one is Jonathan Foo as Jin Kazama.

The movie is due out in 2009 and is being written by Alan McElroy and directed by Dwight Little of Bones and Prison Break fame.

why do i get the feeling this movie is going to suck?