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2:47 PM on 12.19.2008

Weedgans 2008 Video Game Awards.

2008 has been one hell of a year for gamers. Gears of War 2, Fallout 3, Fable 2, GTAIV, MGS4. This seems to be the ultimate year.

Let's get into some of the catagories.

Best Visuals on a Console Only Title
There has been much talk this year about how consoles are being "pushed to the limit", and this year has really showed the DTOID community how to tighten up those graphics.
And the winner is...

Jumper Griffins Story

It was a close vote this year with Gears of War 2 coming in at 3rd place with 30 votes, Fallout 3 coming in 2nd place with 55 votes and Jumper Griffins Story claiming 1st place with over 9000 votes.

Best soundtrack
With the release of Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour, this year has been a golden year for "Rocking out".

And the winner is

Highschool musical 3: Senior Year-DANCE!

And nobody else voted because there either too drunk or still trying to get a jet in World Tour mode.

And last but not least.


This is the big one, folks. So many good games have been released this year, and it's mind boggling. But lets take a look at what has boggled us the most.

And the winner is

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

Left 4 Dead came in at second place with 4 DTOID editor votes.   read

10:54 PM on 07.14.2008

Uh, DOOM 4 screen shot?

Pure speculation, but I'm pretty interested so far.

Short blog is short, sorry.

But hey, it's better than fucking music game news all day right?   read

8:42 AM on 06.03.2008

ET: Quake Wars for 360.

So, I rented a copy of ET: Quake Wars. I was a pretty big fan of RTCW and Wolfenstien Enemy Territory, so it only seemed right that I at least give this PC port a try.

All I can say is, what a half assed PC port.

First off the graphics are very dated. The game itself does not look bad, but it has no style and it is all very dark. Oh and draw distance? Forget about it. And the explosions look like there from Duke Nukem 3D.

Controls...not bad, but not very accurate or responsive.

Sound, besides the voice commands there are probably only 35 diffrent sound effects in this game.

I dont really have high standards for most games, and this games not awful but its a very good example of how badly you can fuck up a PC port. And did I mention this game only supports up to 16 players? Yeah, lame.

Rent this game please. If anything, there are a shit load of achivement points if you just run through all the campaign mode on medium...but even so, its still barley worth the time.

6 firetrucks out of 10.   read

8:39 AM on 05.06.2008

GTA 4, yeah already got that...but about that Alan Wake game.

Alright Dtoid, so I'm back.

Everybody keeps ranting about GTA 4, yeah thats cool and all, but I already have the game. I dont need someone elses shitty complaints or jimpressions to take away from my time with the game.

So now that one of the biggest titles of the year is finally out, how about the next big mystery?

Alan Wake

Now this game was shown off about 2 years ago and it STILL looks pretty damn good, and if this game is still in development I can only imagine what it would look like now.

I really hope they announce some more about it at this years E3.

So how many of you look foward to this game, I always get hyped about the games that no one is really told anything about.   read

1:44 PM on 04.23.2008

Why watch GTA IV spoiler vids when you can watch a live stream?

Yup, thats right, someone is running a live feed of GTA IV right now.

And its been confirmed that he is playing on the PS3.

Haha, this is just too crazy.   read

9:58 AM on 04.23.2008

GTA IV Radio Stations, Confirmed songs, Updated.


So, yesterday there was obviously a GIANT fucking leak of the game, and by giant I mean the whole thing was fucking ripped and torrented the day trucks dropped off the game.

What a dissapointment. We know all these people are going to be caught. Go over to youtube, you can't find a video of it *intro leak*. It will be up for at least 1o mins then taken down.

Looks like rockstar is pretty pissed about all this, but its too late.

Anyway, in wake of this event many, many more songs have been posted on wiki to be confirmed in the came.

Pretty shocked at seeing pink floyd on there, anyone see the irony in playing such a violent band with one of the most layed back songs in history?

Anyway, can't wait for this game. See you guys on FNF on may 2nd.   read

8:30 PM on 04.22.2008

This is vegas...WHAT IN THE FUCK? FAIL!

First off, let me say this game is a big fucking joke, okay?

Now, some parts of this video I cannot even translate into a written thought, because it's just that fucking stupid.


I..can't...I just. Please watch. Its so bad its almost funny.   read

9:56 AM on 04.22.2008

Online console betas, can anyone pull it off right?

So as many of you know, the MGO Beta has been delayed until this firday *worldwide*.

I can deal with this, but I think it is complete bullshit that every single online console beta has been botched at its launch.

Two titles from last which everyone can remember.

COD4 and The crackdown halo 3 beta

Now before I even get into this, let me just say that I KNOW the Battlefield: Bad Company beta rolled out just fine, but the hype for that was not anywhere near MGO, Halo 3 or COD4.

Last year two of the biggest games of the year both had closed online betas; you had to have a code to get into them. THose two games were of course Halo3 and COD4.

Both of which backfired massivley on the projected dates they were supposed to go live.

Halo 3 had almost the same exact problems COD4 had when they tried to launch. And most people blamed it on XBL's shitty reputation for buckling under lots of traffic.

But since then, and with the whole MGO beta deal, you can't really say that it's all just shitty MS now, can you?

I'm not trying to say XBL is not flawed, but come on...we all have to get off the MS hate bandwagon once in awhile.

But with all these things put together, it makes me wonder wether or not consoles are ready for the same caliber of betas that the PC world has. And right now it doesn't look like the XBL or PSN can handle the mass traffic that gaming hype can build.

P.S. Konami you dissapoint me, I have the patch downloaded and everything, just let me play!   read

12:20 PM on 03.31.2008

April Fools Day=National Internet Fail Day.

So we all know what tommrow is, right?

April Fools day is my least favorite holiday on the internet. I fucking hate it.

And most of all, the C-Blogs will probably so destroyed tommorow that it wont even be funny.

I'm all for the jokes and stuff, but really, most of them are probably going to be OMGWTFDAIRYQUEEN MGS4 SPOILERZZ, GTA 4 ENDING OMG *LEAK*.

Why? Because everybody wants attention.

I think the smartest thing would be to just stay off D-Toid tommorow.

-Thats all.   read

9:28 PM on 03.26.2008

Yup, its true. GTA IV World Map, Leaked.


Lurking around some local GTA IV community sites, this little picture came around.

Not too detailed, but interesting.

New trailer comes out tommrow too.

And also this,


10:13 AM on 03.20.2008

April 11th, Judgement Day.

Why is April 11th a important date?

Well, on April 11th at midnight, EA's 2 billion dollar offer will have legally expired.

EA owning the majority of take two would be the worst thing to happen to videogames EVAR.

So one big question on my mind is, will take two shareholders buckle? Or will EA get bitch slapped like it deserves?

EA does not deserve a single bit of what R*north has built. Or any other R* dev team for that matter.

Fuck EA. There like the dragon force of video games, THERE CHEESY AS HELL AND THEY ARE BULLSHIT.   read

10:06 AM on 03.07.2008

This week on cooking with Scorpion!

Some of you might remember this as an unlockable video from The (best damn rewards system evar) Krypt in Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance, it was also an unused promo video for UMK3.

[embed]74181:8905[/embed]   read

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