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waxximis's blog

2:37 PM on 08.19.2011

Portal 2 reference in state farm ad?   read

12:52 AM on 04.09.2011

Portal 2 billboards

The billboards are up!   read

2:11 PM on 11.09.2009

Left 4 dead 2 billboards

So I've noticed some left 4 dead 2 billboards around here (phoenix). Here is one I noticed on camelback road. Pretty cool..... I think it's interesting that it doesnt actually say "left 4 dead 2" it just says "l4d2"   read

4:05 AM on 10.29.2009

checking out the Microsoft store

So last week me and my wife Kate headed on over to the new Microsoft store in Scottsdale. After walking around the mall looking for it for about 15 minutes (its a pretty big mall and the MS store is in a weird place) we fin...   read

11:49 PM on 02.08.2008

Signed devil may cry

so i got devil may cry 4 for ps3 and opened it up and it was signed in sharpie. is this normal? here is a pic.............   read

7:07 PM on 11.02.2007

Assasins creed and spin magazine = wha?

ok so in the latest "spin magazine" (it has the foo fighters on the cover) there is a section talking about all the new holiday games. here is the description for assassins creed..... --------------------------------- A lo...   read

4:41 PM on 11.02.2007

Zombie walk

Hey there guys, there was a zombie walk at our local mall here. (dawn of the dead 78 was filmed here so a bunch of people go to it around Halloween and get into a record book for most zombies in one place) anyway, of all the zombies one caught my eye, thought you guys would enjoy!   read

2:47 PM on 10.03.2007

Bungie and Microsoft split?

THE RUMOUR MILL is spinning again after a Seattle Post-Intelligence reader posted an email received from a friend of a higher-up, stating that the creator of the massively popular Xbox series Halo, Bungie, has separated fro...   read

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