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warezIbanez's blog

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warezIbanez avatar 4:12 AM on 03.24.2012  (server time)
Letter of Intent!

For those who have stumbled upon this small corner, I hope I can keep five minutes of your time.

The name's warezIbanez, (it's pronounced as 'where is E bahn yez'.) I'm currently an officer for the Rebel Alliance Clan, its site is right here. I had led the group for a bit, and since relinquishing command, the group has grown to twice the size since.

If I didn't have to worry about cleanliness, I'd wear that Starhawk shirt 24/7. As part of *RA*, I had been involved in Warhawk outside of the group, but am now a part of the leadership for it. Other games we get into are Killzone 3, Uncharted 3, some Twisted Metal, Killzone 2, Burnout Paradise, and various other titles that aren't coming to mind at this time.

I hope to carry news on Starhawk in which DTOID is clearly lacking for the past month while most other gaming sites have been on the case! You'll find my own impressions on each aspect of it here. Oh, and of course I'll probably go into a couple ramblings on why Killzone 3 was such a disappointment from a true Killzone fan.

It's late here, so I think I'll just stagger away from my desk... where's the throat spray?

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