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warezIbanez's blog

12:00 AM on 05.03.2012

Starhawk Offerings (part Three of Three)

Alright, so I've went through infantry and Build and Battle gameplay to a pretty good degree, now here's what I have on the vehicles. The lightest and fastest vehicle in the game is the Jetbike. Beta testers finally got a ta...   read

3:08 PM on 04.20.2012

Starhawk Offerings (part Two of Three)

As my previous post went into detail on the Build and Battle System, today, I want to talk about the Ground Combat. There are a few things to address- aiming and movement, weapons and pickups, the jetpack, how it stacks again...   read

10:10 AM on 04.16.2012

Starhawk Offerings (part One of Three)

Welcome back. (Or, if you're new here, take a few minutes and read my two previous posts.) I'm going to continue my thoughts on what Starhawk (or at least the public beta) has had to offer. I will be posting a three-part piec...   read

4:15 PM on 04.10.2012

Starhawk - From a First Glimpse

After seventeen weeks of beta testing, Starhawk has been analyzed over and over again by its community through various forms of media- Facebook, Twitter, its own beta forums and other corners of the Internet has had discussio...   read

4:12 AM on 03.24.2012

Letter of Intent!

For those who have stumbled upon this small corner, I hope I can keep five minutes of your time. The name's warezIbanez, (it's pronounced as 'where is E bahn yez'.) I'm currently an officer for the Rebel Alliance Clan, its s...   read

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