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wanderingpixel avatar 8:44 AM on 10.15.2009  (server time)
Useless Lists: Things to Do While Waiting for Your PS3 Game to Install

1.) Read a book.

2.) Sing show tunes.

3.) Organize your calendar.

4.) Watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

5.) Troll on the internet.

6.) Download porn.

7.) Buy a PSPGo.

8.) Try to mod your PSPGo to play UMDs.

9.) Reflect on what you could have spent that $250 on if you hadn’t bought a PSPGo.

10.) Write that novel.

11.) Call up an ex girlfriend.

12.) Go outside (just kidding).

13.) Order a pizza.

14.) Fill out that job application.

15.) Read a blog.

16.) Write a blog about all the things you could be doing while waiting for your PS3 to finish installing Metal Gear Solid 4, which you had to buy again, because your cousin lent it to one of his friends, even though it wasn’t his.

17.) Go buy groceries.

18.) Watch the ending of 2001: A Space Odyssey, again.

19.) Play Monopoly.

20.) Install a few PC games.

21.) Study for that test tomorrow.

22.) Download more porn.

23.) Check your email.

24.) Visit the Playstation website FAQ page to find out why some games require a mandatory installation.

25.) Exercise on that treadmill you bought.

26.) Catch up on Lost.

27.) Learn a dead language.

28.) Sponsor a starving, African child.

29.) Stalk- Oops, I mean “follow” somebody on Twitter.

30.) Look at your yearbook photo.

31.) Burn your yearbook.

32.) Find Waldo.

33.) Read the latest Vogue.

34.) Acquire a taste for smooth Jazz.

35.) Check the repair status of your Xbox 360.

36.) Play Wii sports with your little cousin.

37.) Photoshop celebrity heads onto pictures of fat people.

38.) Google yourself.

39.) Join a cult.

40.) Learn how to play Dungeons and Dragons.

41.) Catch up to the Jones’s (Bonus points to whoever gets the joke)

42.) Check your savings bonds.

43.) Spice up C-Span by turning down the volume and dubbing it yourself.

44.) Go to jury duty.

45.) Look up the meaning of the word, triskaidekaphobia.

46.) Teach algebra to a gorilla.

47.) Play your PS2 instead.

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